Celebrating the Sweetness of Life with Jessie Moore

Recovery Warriors Podcast Cake Spy Jessie Moore

Meet Jessie Moore, a dessert detective on a mission to make the world a sweeter place through her writing, illustrations, and baking.

Healing requires one thing above all: it takes action. This will not be done for you. Eventually, you, yourself, will have to choose how to do it, how to live…Recovery is a choice.

— Wasted by Marya Hornbacher

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“The act of creating food becomes this bigger experience than just eating it. It becomes an act of love that you can give to yourself and others.”

— Jessie Moore

For Your Journey

“Being skinny doesn’t feel as good as cake tastes.”

— Jessie Moore

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  1. says: Ellen

    Hi Jessica, I just wanted to say thank you for making these podcasts. I’m in recovery from an ED that I have struggled to shake for eight years, and I get hope from hearing other people’s recovery stories.

    I love drawing, even though I often think it’s frivolous so I could really relate to Jessie when she spoke about having this kind of feeling. I have had a look at her cake spy website and am feeling pretty inspired to do more art!

    Thank you again for putting so much time and effort into producing these great podcasts. I would like to write a review or give a rating if possible (not sure how to do this though!!) to support you.

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