10 Recovery Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Now!

I love so many recovery Instagram accounts. Meditation experts probably wouldn’t agree, but I think mindlessly scrolling through pictures is like a moving meditation. It’s a fun way to connect with friends too without having to read their novel-length Facebook post (you know those friends).

The bad side of Instagram Accounts

The bad thing about some Instagram accounts is they can feed your eating disorder voice. For example, there are those “Fitsperation” accounts with photos of them at the gym, making macro friendly meals, and chronicling their ab “progress” daily. You may not think looking at these posts effect you, but it could be effecting you in a very subtle, unconscious way.

The highlight reel

It’s also hard to remember that people showcase their best selves on social media accounts like Instagram. Instagram is like looking at the highlights of someone’s life. You rarely see these people post photos of themselves right after they’ve rolled out of bed, or in bad lighting, or after they’ve had a hard day.

Another thing I always forget about is that many of the photos I see on Instagram accounts could have been Photoshopped in someway. I’m a pretty literal person, so if I see a picture online my first instinct is to believe it’s unaltered. That it’s exactly what the person looks like in real life. However, this is not the case. Just because I don’t alter my photos, I shouldn’t automatically assume other people don’t alter their pictures.

What you see on instagram may NOT be what you’d see in real life.

The good side of Recovery Instagram accounts

After reading all that you probably think I’m going to tell you to stop using Instagram. That it’s feeding lies into your head and holding you back from recovery. Well, I’m not done yet. When you are strategic, Instagram accounts can actually be positive in your life and your recovery.

Here’s how to use Instagram accounts to help you, not harm you.

Unfollow unhealthy Instagram accounts

Unfollow all the people you follow who post things like body progress photos and food with calorie counts. Anything that’s even a little bit triggering or rooted in diet culture needs to go. You need to be a little ruthless with this. It might even mean that you unfollow a few of your friends in real life.

If unfollowing your friends seems like too much for you to do, there’s a simple way around it. Just leave whatever account you’re using as it and simply make another one. You can begin using this new account instead and make sure to only follow accounts that support concepts like health at every size, body positivity, and food freedom.

There you have it…

Tada! Now Instagram can be a place filled with encouragement and inspiration for your journey to freedom. However…you may be wondering, “what accounts are body positive, inspiring, and will help me on my journey to recovery?” Don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered!!!

Here are 10 of my favorite Instagram accounts:

1. @recovrywarriors

Of course, Recovery Warriors is my number one favorite. There are so many awesomely inspiring posts on this account. Try taking a screenshot of your favorite and making it your phone wallpaper to keep the inspiration going all day.

2. @recoveryinglove

Lisette is not only a lead contributor to our online magazine, but she’s also the Editorial Manger of Recovery Warriors. Her recovery instagram account is honest, inspiring, and encouraging. Take it from a warrior who’s been there!

3. @stephaniechinnart

Stephanie is an illustrator, advocate, and author. Her account is filled with whimsical and inspirational images and posts. Trust me, you will love them!

4. @soulpawsrecovery

You’ll fall in love with the puuurfect combination of cute animal pictures and recovery inspiration on this account. So much cuteness.

5. @drcolleenreichmann

Dr. Colleen Reichmann is another very talented contributor for Recovery Warriors. Truth filled quotes and messages of female empowerment are beautifully displayed on her account. The wisdom on this account is so inspiring.

6. @neda

I think of NEDA like a classic staple. Sort of like the little black dress. NEDA posts helpful and encouraging message as well as updates on their recovery resources and events.

7. @reasonsedc

Reasons is a great account for beautiful posts to inspire you. One of my favorites quote they’ve shared is,

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen

8. @chr1styharrison

This account is the perfect place to go to for quotes related to intuitive eating. Some will make you ponder, while others will make you giggle. Overall, I know you’ll love this account.

9. @drrachelmillner

Dr. Rachel Millner has been helping people recovery from eating disorders for over ten years. All of her work is rooted in Health at Every Size®, Body Trust®, Intuitive Eating, social justice, trauma-informed care, and fat positivity.

10. @southbayedc

This account is great to scroll through in those moments when you’re feeling down of like you just aren’t good enough. You’ll find quotes and pretty images here to help turn you’re frown upside down.

So there you have it! Some of my favorite accounts. What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: @kawin

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  1. says: Brooke Heberling

    I feel so honored to be on this list!!! Wow. Humbled. I love @amandagist- she is so authentic and real about the road to recovery- and she also is a trigger free zone for me!

  2. says: Sue Paton

    Membership site for those in recovery or wanting recovery.

  3. says: Sourav Basak

    The advent of social media has made sharing – and oversharing – a common situation, even a problem. For example, if sharing your addiction recovery journey on Instagram, make sure that you don’t misuse this resource. For example, a person may struggle to focus on their psychological and behavioral adjustment processes if they are stressed or anxious. This may cause psychosomatic effects that make withdrawal more painful, prolonging addictive behaviors. Managing the stress becomes necessary before rehab can begin, but substance use—which may have begun as self-medication for stress and anxiety—makes this more difficult.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

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