22 Rights Around Food to Remember During Your Recovery

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Recovery is a chance for you to reclaim your natural rights as a human around food. After months or years of following restrictive rules, you can start to allow yourself to take back your power rather than letting food control your every choice.

You can use these as a reminder to read before meals, or choose one to focus on for the week or month. These can help you realize what you currently believe around food and if there’s space to let go of control to make room for a new relationship with food and your body.

These are your recovery rights around food. You don’t have to do anything to earn these rights. For example, you are allowed to eat at any time, regardless of what you ate earlier that day or what you will eat later.

You’re allowed to eat.

Your body deserves enough nutrition from a variety of foods.

You’re allowed to eat all foods. There are no good or bad foods.

You’re allowed to enjoy food, free of guilt.

You’re allowed to choose food, simply because it tastes good.

You’re allowed to choose food, as a way to take care of your body by practicing gentle nutrition.

You’re allowed to want to feel healthy.

You’re allowed to eat the foods you love.

You’re allowed to feed yourself as many times during the day as you want.

You’re allowed to want to listen to your body.

You’re allowed to honor your body’s hunger.

You’re allowed to respect your body’s fullness.

You’re allowed to eat when you’re NOT hungry, and you’re allowed to feel full.

You’re allowed to let go of food perfection (because it doesn’t exist anyways).

You’re allowed to practice mindful eating (without stressing about doing it all the time).

You’re allowed to trust your body’s wisdom.

You’re allowed to move your body with joy.

You’re allowed to respect your body’s natural size.

You’re allowed to accept your body.

You’re allowed to feel good in your body.

You’re allowed to love your body.

You’re allowed to love yourself.

(Last Updated: August 23, 2022)


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