3 Practical Ways to Begin a Grounding Practice

Along my way in the recovery process, and in my fantastically wild journey in life, I have discovered some treasures. One of those is grounding. These grounding strategies can transform my mood in seconds – no matter the situation.

Yes, that’s right! It’s possible.

These tools are the answers I created, the counter-poisons to the addictive behaviors I would usually use. These techniques taught me to let go, to live in the now, to transform fear into love and pain into peace.

Because we all want to be happy – and we all deserve to be happy.

With time, I understood: these kind of things are the most precious in the world:

Happiness is worth more than a million dollars. A peace of mind is worth more than any other desire you may have.

So, let’s get to it…


What do I mean by “grounding”?

Grounding is vital for you to feel connected to the flow of life. If you are not grounded, you may feel distant to everything and everyone around you. You may be unable to find motivation – or any other feeling at all. In extreme cases, you might even feel like you are stuck in a dream.

The truth is: 

You are here now. No matter your past or your future, the only thing that is ever really accessible to you is the present moment. So, we need to learn how to sink into it.

1. Supported by the earth

Sit down on the floor, in any way that is comfortable to you.

Close your eyes. Breathe in and out deeply, for a few times. Then, allow your breath to get back to its natural rhythm. Feel your breath, each breath flowing in and out again.

Try to pay attention to the way your chest rises and falls. How does the floor underneath you feel? How do your legs feel?

If thoughts cross your mind, let them be.

Imagine your mind is like a river, and your thoughts are merely ships crossing the river. You do not need to get on them, you are safe here at the shore.

Now breathe.

Imagine to sink deeper and deeper into the floor. Imagine, that from the back of your spine, roots are growing down into the earth. Let those roots grow deep, deep, deep… Until you reach a golden, shining light.

Take a deep breath and imagine this golden light traveling through your roots, and up through your spine. It is nourishing your whole body. It is nourishing your heart and soul with life.

Stay like this for a few more minutes, as long as you feel comfortable.

Then, take three deep breaths, remember this feeling of being supported. And open your eyes.

Welcome the world, however it may be at this very moment.

2. Quiet mind

Often, we find ourselves worrying and overthinking. For this issue, I have found a simple solution. It might be challenging at first – but it gets easier and easier with practice, i promise.

Sit quietly, in an upright position. It can be at your desk at work, on the floor at home, in public transport, under a tree in nature, almost anywhere. The great thing about this exercise is you can do this practically anywhere.

Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Imagine you are breathing in light and breathing out darkness. 

Now imagine your mind: It is a storm, thoughts are raging inside of it. Take a closer look… you may find that all those thoughts are just leaves flying through the air, guided by the storms.

Imagine the winds intensifying, clearing the leaves – all your thoughts, worries, fears… Clearing them away, far away from you.

Until you are left with nothing but quiet, peace.

Your thoughts are not you. Your mind is not who you are. You are something beyond that.

Focus on your body, focus on your breath. Try to feel your heartbeat.

Do this for a few minutes; even if thoughts still cross your mind, that is okay. Again, this is a practice and it will all get easier with time.

3. Be here- now

Another one of my favorite activities to ground into the moment, but also to allow my mind to dream a little bit (which is quite a juicy combination, don’t you think?) is taking a walk.

Grab those headphones and your favorite playlist and just step outside to take a walk; a walk without a destination.

Focus on your feet, focus on each step. How each step feels, as you walk upon the earth.

Take everything in around you, the houses, the small shops and big shops, the trees… Whatever you see outside. Look closely at all things you normally overlook.

Imagine you are new in this city, and don’t know anything. Better even – imagine you are new on planet earth!

You will be amazed by the mind-blowing beauty you will find in the most simplest of things.

Make it your own

This is a small collection of my most favorite go-to’s when I need calming and grounding. Everybody is different –  I encourage you to feel free to adapt these exercises according to your needs. 

Start simple: Do whatever exercise appeals to you most. And, like always, stay curious! There are so many new ways that you will discover on this journey. Find new ways that suit YOU just perfectly, and bring YOU forward on your path to health and happiness.

Remember: You are loved. You are loved always.

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