3 Reasons Why Recovery Rocks


Demi Lovato - Recovery Rocks

Aren’t you about sick and tired of being sick and tired? Eating disorders take a major toll on our bodies, our psyches and certainly on our relationships. It gets so old obsessing about every calorie consumed and burned, or checking and rechecking your weight on a scale that somewhere along the way began to define your self-worth. And what about all the lying to yourself and to the people you love to protect this coveted eating disorder? Ugh, it’s Exhausting!   

There is another way and it’s called RECOVERY! Recovery is defined as regaining something that was lost or taken away, returning to health from sickness, and restoring to any former and better condition. Sounds kinda nice, huh! Interested? I was for sure, still am, and I’d love it if you were too!

There is a gorgeous tribe of us who are recovered. We are here, cheering you on and wishing you well as you consider your path towards joining us. You will be lovingly accepted into our tribe. I promise that being encircled in the light of our love and support, along with all of the people that love and care about you the most, will help you through the darkness. Being in the light of recovery is the only place I ever want to be. It warms my skin and soul and fills up my heart, enabling it to shine so brightly.

The eating disorder is feeding you hopelessness, helplessness, despair and disconnection. Are you ok with that? It tricks you into thinking that this recovery business is a privilege reserved for only a select few. That’s simply just not the case. Period. We are always accepting new members and ANYONE can join – you just have to be willing to sign up, over and over and over again.

A few of my favorite things about recovery that you might like too:

1. Connection 

I feel completely connected to the people I love and value the most in my life. The eating disorder is no longer standing between us, vying for my constant attention and binding me to all of the rules and regulations that once made up my life. Connecting with people, animals, or spirituality is how we open the door to love, and love, well, that’s all that really matters in the end. How does your eating disorder interfere with your ability to connect with yourself and others? The longer you are bound to this illness, the more isolated you become. It’s not too late to have the types of relationships you had or have always wanted. People that love you are excited to have YOU back!


2. Integrity 

Hiding in the shade and shadows of my eating disorder did not allow much room for living a life of integrity. Showing up for your life, the people you love and the things that are meaningful to you, well that feels a whole hell of a lot better. What does living a life of integrity look like for you? Does it mean hiding out in your apartment exercising, or binging and purging? Or does it mean calling a friend and heading out to the dog park while the sun is shining? It’s the little things that add up to a whole big life of integrity. Who do you know that is living the kind of life you envisioned having? What would it take for you to begin taking steps toward the fulfilling life you deserve?

3. Purpose 

When I abandoned the eating disorder’s purpose for me, I was able to fully reconnect with my passions and callings. I got to know myself again and I fell in love with the beauty of who I am,just by being me. I remembered what called to me from childhood and what I longed for before I got caught in the web of my eating disorder. We are here to take care of each other – your purpose is tangled up in that and once you wade into the calming blue waters of your recovery, you will see clearly just exactly what your purpose is – it will feel like home to you! Do you know what you are called to do in your one voluptuous life? If not, wouldn’t it be fun to start exploring what that might be?

Your recovery will Rock! Rest assured. If you want confirmation, ask those of us who are recovered. I didn’t say recovery was easy, but I did say it’s hands down worth the challenges you will endure as you endeavor to join us! What are you waiting for? Our arms and hearts are open to receive you. Good luck sweet soul! You so got this!

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  1. says: Jean

    Thank you! This is such an inspiring post. I especially connect with the phrase

    “What does living a life of integrity look like for you? Does it mean hiding out in your apartment exercising, or binging and purging? Or does it mean calling a friend and heading out to the dog park while the sun is shining?”

    That’s the life I am trying my best to live in recovery and look forward to living fully when recovered.

  2. says: Jessica Raymond

    Glad you connected with this post, Jean! Keep choosing recovery and you will get to where you want to be 🙂

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