4 Questions That Will Help You Make Peace With Your Body

Controlling food can be a way to reduce anxiety and feel a sense of power when you have an eating disorder, but it can also challenge the way you make peace with your body. Is the fear of weight gain and a changing body holding you back in eating disorder recovery? 

In the latest episode of Fear Less, an audio series on The Recovery Warriors Show podcast channel, we explore a powerful 4-question framework to help you rethink fear and take action towards letting go of your eating disorder. 

Understanding the Roots of Fear

Fear develops in your mind as a result of experiences, the way you’ve been taught, and the influence of the world around you, all affecting how you see things and how you react.

In this episode, Andrea shared her personal journey with fear and body judgment, highlighting the significant impact her upbringing had on her relationship with her body. 

Growing up, I got comments telling me that I was “good” when my body was smaller.

Andrea Wells

Growing up in a world that constantly judges body size, coupled with explicit messages from family about her body, she recognized the role these experiences played in the development of her eating disorder.

It is a reminder that our caregivers and society’s influence can shape our perception of ourselves and fuel our fears around body image.

Powerful Questions to Help You Make Peace With Your Body

To help reframe this fear, the hosts introduced a 4-question framework inspired by psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson. 

These questions provide a roadmap for navigating fear and have been found to greatly benefit individuals in clinical settings.

By applying these questions to your own experiences, you can start to understand and break free from fear’s grip.

Question 1: What specific fears do you associate with your eating disorder?

By identifying and acknowledging the specific fears tied to your eating disorder, you can bring them to the surface and begin to unravel their hold on you. 

It may be the fear of judgment, weight gain, or loss of control that dominates your thoughts. 

Understanding these fears is the first step towards conquering them.

Question 2: How did these fears take root in your life?

Explore the origins of these fears. Was it a comment from a family member, societal pressure, or a traumatic event that planted the seed of fear in your mind?

Understanding the roots of your fears can provide valuable insights into why they hold such power over you.

Question 3: Are these fears based on reality or conditioned beliefs?

Are your fears based on actual threats or are they conditioned beliefs ingrained in your mind? 

Recognize that society’s narrow beauty standards and diet culture play a significant role in shaping these conditioned beliefs. 

Body insecurities stem from what you’re told by others. It can become the focus of what you believe is wrong with you.

Jessica Flint

By questioning their foundation, you can start to dismantle their influence.

Question 4: How can you reframe and overcome these fears so you can make peace with your body?

To make peace with your body, start by reframing the way you think.

Recognize that your fears are not a true reflection of you or your worth. 

Instead, go for empowering beliefs and affirmations, and surround yourself with supportive communities

Seeking professional guidance can also help you on your journey toward recovery.


Recovery from an eating disorder is a courageous journey filled with ups and downs. 

By using the four questions to rethink fear, you can begin to break free from the chains that hold you back. 

Remember, you are not alone in this battle. Seek support, educate yourself, and believe in your own strength. 

Listen to the full episode to get tips and encouragement on how you can let go of fear, step into courage, and embrace the recovered version of yourself.

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