5 Must-Have Resources For Eating Disorder Recovery


Not only do we dedicate ourselves to building a community of courageous warriors that are fighting to recover from their eating disorder, we also live it ourselves and want to radiate it to the world.

It’s our passion and true purpose to promote self-acceptance and be the voice of hope, self-love, confidence, the embodiment of recovery. We are committed to living a full life not governed by rigid rules, obsessive thoughts and self loathing. A life of freedom in which we embrace our body and self, do anything we want, become who we really are deep inside and make our dreams come true.

In the course of two years, the resources of Recovery Warriors have been accessed over a million times by courageous warriors around the world and it’s our goal to reach many more millions who find they have hit rock bottom and are in need of motivation and support.

Check out our 5 most popular resources designed to help you build a warrior mindset.

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1. The Rise Up + Recover App

The Rise Up + Recover app is an empowering tool for those who are struggling with food, dieting, exercise and body image. Recovery Warrior’s Founder, Jessica Raymond envisioned an easier and more convenient way of doing recovery homework. What better way than bringing self-monitoring , a cornerstone of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), to a simple and convenient app. The Rise Up + Recover has been used over a million times and is many peoples go to app for their recovery.

With the Rise Up + Recover app you can:

• Log your meals, emotions and behaviors from the privacy of your mobile phone
• Export PDF summaries of your Meal Log and Check-In to share with your treatment team
• Set custom reminders to inspire you to keep moving forward
• Rest assured that your personal information is protected behind a pass-code
• Share motivational and inspirational quotes, images and affirmations
• Access a wide range of resources to build a strong recovery warrior mindset
• Find support and professional treatment nearby

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2. The Recovery Warrior Show Podcast

The Recovery Warrior Show is our weekly podcast hosted by Jessica Raymond. Each show, she interviews recovery warriors and treatment professionals from around the world to get their unique perspective and advice on what it takes to recover. This is the place to listen to inspiring stories from amazing, courageous and motivating people who understand the world of an eating disorder, but also the world of living without one. This show is for all types of eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and disordered eating.

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3. Recovery Warrior’s Online Magazine

Recovery embodies so much more than restoring weight and one’s relationship to food. It’s a continuous journey comprised of a series of small steps that will bring you to a place where you are able to experience unconditional self love inside and out. We have many amazing contributors from a wide range of professional backgrounds that offer their unique perspectives based off of their personal journey.

Instead of fighting against yourself, start fighting for yourself. @RecovryWarriors

Music Playlists

Music has been shown to have the ability to help organize your thoughts and emotions and calm your mind. It can help you to tune in to your feelings, express what you feel like you can’t in other ways, find comfort, support and motivation. You don’t need to talk, just listen. It’s there for you, no matter what time it is or how you feel. We created various playlists on Spotify that empower and support you in recovery.

Social Media

It’s our goal to empower and inspire warriors around the world to take back their power and build a life they love. Social media platforms offer a great place to share inspirational images, quotes, short stories of hope and motivating mantras. Follow are Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts for a daily dose of motivation and support, as well as our popular Instagram account!

It is our vision and a dream to inspire others to open their hearts to see the beauty of their souls. @RecovryWarriors

Which one of our resources do you find the most helpful?

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  1. says: Aleksandra

    Dear Warrior team,

    …I truly love your powerful podcasts and magical and inspiring website. I’ve suffered from severe anorexia nervosa since I was 8 years old… 16 hospitalisations and treatment centers later, and much soul searching and praying, after a near death experience due to a sudden cardiac arrest, I’m can say out of my deepest soul: I’m finally now at 36, ready to live. As despite all I’m still alive and so full of gratitude for it….Please keep your great work going…
    Love, A.

  2. Hi Aleksandra, thank you so much for your kind message, we really appreciate that! And thank you for sharing a bit of your story. You can be really proud of yourself! Just remember that you are a super strong warrior and will get through this. Sending you lots of strength and a big hug!

  3. says: Mark

    I love what Liz Gilbert says about families being huge triggers for us. I’m lucky my family is really supportive but for those who find it stressful I recommend keeping in touch with empowering friends to get through the holiday mayhem.

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