5 Self Care Tips Every Sexual Abuse Survivor Needs to Know

There’s a lot of triggering content in the news these days for sexual abuse survivors. In light of that, I want to share some self care ideas from one survivor to another.

5 self-care tips from one survivor to another:

1. Take a break from social media

Do NOT feel guilty or ashamed for taking time off social media/the news all together. If it’s too triggering, you don’t need to see it. Make creating a safe environment for yourself a priority.

And no, you don’t need to be informed or “up to date” if the content is triggering you.

2. Gather up your support system

Your neighbor may not accept you or believe you, but your best friends do!

Spend time with them and talk to them about how you’re feeling. Reach out to your therapist and see if you can have an extra session to discuss what the news is bringing up for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for more help.

3. Practice self-compassion

Forgive yourself if you end up having flashbacks or panic attacks. Forgive yourself if you end up using unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Just remember that you are valid, strong and worthy of surviving all that you have. You deserve to practice self love and care in scary times.

4. Journal your feelings

Journaling helps me recognize my emotions and conceptualize them so I can know what to do with them.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what certain events mean to you. Other times it’s hard to just catch your breath – let alone navigate exactly what and why you’re feeling a certain way.

Journaling our feelings can help you work through this and find clarity. And all it takes is paper and a pen.

5. Prioritize yourself

When you feel overwhelmed, take a break and do some serious self-care. If that means taking a few days off work or school – then so be it.

You need to prioritize your own mental health. Your job (and/or school) and other responsibilities can wait. Take time to destress, practice healthy coping skills and recharge. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

All in all, remember that you are worthy of self-care in distressing times and know that you are NEVER alone.

What happened to you was valid, was real, and was NOT your fault. Stay steady darlings.

(Last Updated: September 19, 2022)

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