6 Things to Do After a Slip Up

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Relapse, slip up  (whatever you want to call it) – it’s hard to know where to go after that.
You were doing so great. You thought you had this recovery thing down. Then *that* happened. Where do you go from here?
Don’t worry, this isn’t the end. We got you girl? Here are 6 things to do after a slip up.

1. Acknowledge it

First of all, acknowledge it. Don’t try to deny it.
Acknowledge that it happened and get back on track straight away to ensure you don’t continue down the slippery slope that is eating disorder relapse.

2. Tell Someone

Another important step is to tell someone. It can be a friend, someone on your treatment team, or a family member.
As soon as you voice it, the power is immediately taken away from the eating disorder voice. Don’t let the shame of a secret overtake you.

3. Practice Self Care

Engage in a simple act of self care. It could be something like washing your hair, getting your nails done, or allowing yourself to take the afternoon to rest on the couch with a good magazine.
Self care is an important part of recovery, and you don’t want to neglect it at a point when you might be angry at yourself for slipping up.
Show yourself some love.

4. Be compassionate

Don’t punish yourself! It’s important to remember that relapses happen and they’re not the end of the world.
A slip up won’t undo all of your hard work in recovery.
Be kind and gentle to yourself.

5. Move on

One of the most important steps is to move on! Just because you slipped up does not mean you need to fall back into the trap of empty promises that the eating disorder tells you.
Don’t dwell on the whatever happened any longer than necessary.

6. Remember how far you’ve come

Celebrate how far you’ve come.
It might be one big challenge you’ve conquered, or the simple fact that you’ve chosen to recover. Think about and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Because warrior: You’re doing amazing. And life has so many wonderful things in store for you.

You got this!

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