7 Undeniable Truths Of Recovery From People Who Have Lived It

An eating disorder is known to be filled with lies. But what about recovery truths?

We asked our lineup of speakers at the Recover Strong online event what their undeniable truths are about recovery are. Below is a sample of what they had to say.


1. Change Is Necessary

To truly pursue recovery, you need to make changes. There is not way you can continue to interact with food and life the way you are currently in your disorder. Without physically doing different things in your day-to-day life, your mind cannot sync up to the necessary shifts. I really thought I could do the disordered types of behaviors and still find healing, but no.” – Kelly Uchima

2. It Gets Better

It gets better. It gets harder before it gets better, but it gets better. A lot of folks have not experienced that better aspect of recovery so it’s hard for them to believe in it, but I want to say it gets better.” – Kenzie Brenna

3. Recovery Is Not Linear

Recovery is not linear. The bottom line is that everyone is different; you just have to have a good recovery/support team behind you.” – Ryan Sheldon

4. Love and support are all around you

It is important to be aware of the love and the support that other people have for me. At the time, I thought I was fighting the battle alone, but I wasn’t. It does not have to be a family member, but knowing that there are people who love and accept you, even if it is someone on the internet, and that you are deserving of that love is important.” – Gaby Meza

5. It Is Messy

Recovery is messy. It is everything. And it is also hope because without hope, there would be no point in trying to recover. So much of one’s hope and light are taken from you when you have an eating disorder. There was hope for me in recovery that even if this doesn’t work, it’s got to be better than where I am when I am deep in my disorder.” – Danielle Galvin

6. Shame Is A Killer

Shame is a killer. Honoring the power of shame, and honoring how much it destroys. I was such a big part of my life that it kept me from being honest, kept me from seeking help, kept me from getting better. If I had to think of the one thing that kept me from getting better , it was shame. It had almost convinced me that I didn’t deserve help: it was my truth, my reality. I felt as though I was just a shitty person. Whatever works for you in getting rid of shame, I think those tools are vital in recovery.” – Shannon Kopp

7. Recovery Is Not Perfect

Recovery is imperfect. There is no such thing as perfection. It is enough to just be on the journey to recovery. There is this idea that we need to get to the finish line. Get rid the shame, the fear, and the stigma of an eating disorder, and for some people, that is enough.” – Suzy Unger

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