8 of the Greatest Articles on Recovery Warriors

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Recovery Warriors is a multi media hub that reaches millions of warriors across the world through podcasts, the RiseUp app, and articles right here on our website. We’ve been helping warriors break free from their eating disorders for over nine years now. Below you’ll find the 8 most read articles on our site! You don’t want to miss these powerful articles.

The 8 Most Read Articles on Recovery Warriors

8. Terrified to Trust My Set Point Weight- Even if it Sets Me Free

by Mirjam Mainland

Facing the fear of weight gain can be terrifying, but also a key hurdle to overcome in eating disorder recovery. This powerful article explores the common fears and discusses the theory of weight set point in a clear and helpful way. If you’re struggling to let go of trying to control your weight, definitely check out this one!

7. 10 Expert Tips to Recover from Binge Eating

by Marissa Sappho, LCSW, BCD, CEDS

If you’re experiencing binge eating, this article is a must read. The author, Marissa Sappho, LCSW, BCD, CEDS-S is the Founder & Director of Aurora Center NYC, a comprehensive mindfulness yoga-based center for eating disorders & mental health services in New York City. In this article, she gives ten actionable tips to help you recover from binge and emotional eating.

6. 14 Things Your Loved One with an Eating Disorder Wants You to Know (But is Afraid to Tell You)

by Lisette Hoschek

People struggling with an eating disorder typically have difficulty speaking up and expressing their needs directly. This article was written from prospective of someone fighting for recovery while feeling misunderstood by those around her. If you resonate with this article, consider sharing it with your family, friends, and loved ones so that they may better understand where you’re coming from. It can also be used as a catalyst to open a dialogue with your support system.

5. Yes- Weight Gain is Hard! We Have 8 Ways to Cope

Even though this article‘s author is anonymous, they’ve helped thousands of warriors around the world facing the fear of weight gain. Accepting your body as it changes during recovery is hard. It probably won’t happen overnight, and it probably won’t be easy. However, there are some things that can help the process along. This article discusses 8 practical ways to handle weight gain.

4. 11 Things Not to Say to Someone with an Eating Disorder

by Leora Fulvio, MA, MFT

Do you have a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, best friend, or roommate who has difficult food issues? When your loved one has an eating disorder it can be very confusing. This excellent article lists 11 things that are not helpful to say to someone who is struggling. Or, if you’re the one struggling, consider sharing this article with your friends or family.

3. “Why Can’t I Stop Eating!?”: The Truth About Extreme Hunger

by Shauna Savala

If you’re in recovery and simply cannot eat enough to ever feel full or satisfied, definitely check out this article. The author, Shauna, talks about her own personal experiences going through extreme hunger during recovery. While this process can feel terrifying and unknown, reading this can help you understand what’s really going on. And remind you that you’re not alone in your struggles.

2. Practical Solutions to Tame Your Tummy While Recovering From an Eating Disorder

by Erica Leon, MS, RDN, CDN, CEDRD

Written by a non-diet dietitian who is passionate about helping individuals develop a positive relationship with food, this article is extremely helpful. The author discusses very common digestive issues often experienced in recovery while also giving practical solutions to ease discomfort. If you’re experiencing bloating, stomach pain, gas, cramps, and other issues, check out this article for insight.

1. Dealing With Guilt After Eating

by Mirjam Mainland

And here it is, the number 1 most read article on Recovery Warriors. It’s no surprise this article is about coping with guilt after eating. Because feeling guilty after eating only adds to more uncomfortable feelings, it’s important to learn how to interrupt the cycle of self-loathing and shame that is often experienced. This encouraging article offers insight, hope, and encouragement for everyone who is in the journey of recovering.

So there you have it warriors, our 8 most read Recovery Warriors articles of all time.

Make sure you don’t miss any of them. We hope they bring you insight, wisdom, and encouragement for your journey. And remember, Recovery Warriors is a place of community, where people come together to share what we’ve been through and what we have learned.

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