8 Reasons the Rise Up + Recover App is the Perfect Companion to Therapy

Think about all the apps you use on a daily basis. Mail? Calendar? Maps? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? With millions of apps to choose from, you’re likely to have a curated list of your favs displayed conveniently on your home screen.

Whether you are a clinician treating people with eating disorders or are working towards recovery with a treatment professional, you will want to add one more to your repertoire.

Rise Up + Recover, a top-ranked app, available on both Android and iOS, was designed to help people self-monitor their eating disorder recovery and share their progress with their treatment team from the privacy of their mobile phone.

Recovering from an eating disorder and any other mental illness requires a lot of help from trained professionals. Apps can never substitute, nor replace professional treatment, but they allow people to self-monitor their behaviors and keep track of their goals outside their therapist’s office.

Used well over a million times, Rise Up + Recover is the go-to-app for many clinicians and recovery warriors. Here are eight reasons you will want to download and start using this free app today.

1. Log meals, emotions and behaviors

Self-monitoring is a great way to gain more accountability and increase awareness to thought patterns.

My psychologist (an eating-disorder specialist) recommended this app to me. I believe it is quite simply the most powerful supporting tool around to help people progress toward recovery more quickly. It replaces paper diaries/journals, which are extremely helpful in treatment. I had been using a paper journal but I felt it was conspicuous- and it was not always to hand. But my phone and ipad are not at all conspicuous – and always close by. I am using it to support my therapy. It makes it very easy to keep a log of emotions as well as food intake. ZiggyKitten
This app helped me and continues to help me so much. When I finished my outpatient program I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to continue my daily check ins and my meal log. This app held me accountable not only for food but also my feelings. It helped me look at patterns that appeared in my behavior due to triggering emotions.Patient at Montecatini

2. Export PDF summaries of Meal-Log and Check-In to share with professional treatment team

Einstein said it best when he remarked that “problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” Sharing records with a treatment professional is a great way to have another mind working on the problem in an effort to draw out the patterns and find meaningful connections.

I am so impressed with the way I can log meals to keep myself accountable with the food, my feelings, and ED behaviors. I can even further this accountability by sending my logs via email to my dietitian or therapist as needed. I love the inspirational quotes that appear when done logging your meal. Whats even better is the easy navigation to the Recovery Warrior web site for further support and podcast.Madi B.


I’m suggesting this app for all my patients. Absolutely awesome! –  RD at Remuda Ranch

3. Set custom reminders

Remembering to do recovery homework can be tough that is why the Rise Up + Recover app has customizable reminders that can be disguised as encouraging mantras to provide extra motivation and support throughout the day.

It follows along with everything my therapist says, but it’s all in one convenient place that I can carry with me everywhere I go. You can customize alerts or reminders. It’s your own little support system in your pocket.Frau Pov

4. Practice healthy coping skills

I am a clinician working with eating disorders in residential treatment and wish I’d had an app like this when I was going through my own recovery. I love the wide variety of coping tools and journaling exercises. Definitely something I will recommend to clients as they are leaving treatment as a resource. There’s another popular ED recovery app out there and I feel like this app is much more streamlined and accessible while the other one is a little overwhelming.Valerie Martin, LMSW
This app is amazing!!!! I prefer it so much to the other recovery-based app I (and all my friends) had been using. The features are so simple, yet thorough. I love the inspirational quotes that I can go to at any time, the check-in feature, the simple meal log, the AMAZING coping skills section which cannot be found anywhere else, and the fact that I can export any of my data to my treatment team. Like I said, this app is amazing!!!@I_still_believe

I’m a dietitian in San Diego and recently heard about Rise Up. I’m so excited to share this with my clients.

5. Guaranteed that personal data is protected behind a pass-code

A lot of mobile health apps struggle with the aspect of data security. Rise Up + Recover only stores data on the user’s device, so no sensitive information is exchanged among devices.

I’m in DBT therapy and we use a diary card where we have to log the same exact stuff to see where we need to work most, and with this app, its so much easier to do it while keeping my stuff confidential, using the pass-code and daily reminder. I also like that you can add and remove the actions, emotions and drugs to fit your specific area of work. I recommend it to any one that is on the road to recovery.

6. Share quotes, images and affirmations

7. Access a wide range of empowering resources

Recovery Warriors wide-range of resources such as our award winning online magazine, weekly podcast, music playlists and popular social media accounts can be accessed conveniently within the app.

8. Find Help

Rise Up + Recover was designed for people to use in conjunction with treatment, but what happens if they are not seeing a treatment professional? For one-third of our users downloading the Rise Up + Recover app is their first point of contact in finding treatment and support. We want to make sure that they get connected to reliable, professional, eating disorder specialists so we developed ConnectED, the world’s first treatment directory to be embedded into an app.

My therapist told me about this app, I had tried Recovery Record before but that one is a little bit more difficult to navigate around in. Rise Up is really easy to use and I highly recommend. Good luck to everyone in recovery out there!

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    I am unable to send the export to my doctor. The “send” arrow remains greyed out. Any suggestions for fixing this?

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