8 Ways Your Struggle Brings Gifts

8 ways your struggle brings gifts

1. They make us stronger.

That’s right — after recovering from a lifetime of abuse, eating disorders, drug addiction and alcoholism, one thing is for certain, I am a stronger person. I don’t see my former addictions and mental health issues as a downside, rather as things that have made me more powerful, able to tackle anything life brings my way.

2. They help shape our character.

Of course, we are all born with character, but I believe that my struggles have sharpened mine. With every challenge we face, our character is being built, so we can choose to see troubles as a blessing.

3. We become wiser.

I believe I’ve gone through the same issues (and made new mistakes) probably a million times. But it’s when I’ve chosen not to repeat the same mistakes and learn from them that I’ve gained wisdom. Without the struggles I would have never had the opportunity to come up higher.

4. The gift of gratitude.

I cannot stress enough how important gratitude is. And I only know the value of being thankful for every single thing in my life because I’ve been to the bottom over and over again. And you know what? Being at the bottom is perfectly fine because even then I can find something to be thankful for — that’s the beauty of it.

5. We can help others.

To me, this is the single most important thing that has come out of struggling. How beautiful is it to know that I can help someone else, just as others have helped me? If everyone in the world took a minute of their day to look for a way to help, how much better off would we all be?

6. The healing power of God.

Throughout all of the sadness and pain, I’ve seen the light and promises of God come to pass. It’s renewed my faith and made me a believer when I never thought I would come to know or care about God or spirituality again. Without my struggles, I would never know hope.

7. Understanding our true beauty.

As with my character and strength, I am better able to see the depth of my soul, wherein lies my true beauty. My face and body will fade with time, but my soul lasts forever. The trials and tribulations of my life have only added beautiful layers to my soul.

8. We are certifiably bad.

Let’s not forget that, no matter what we continue to go through, our struggles make us bad-to-the-bone! You have to be when you fall time after time, yet continue to pick yourself right back up and keep on going. Hold your head up high, you are a warrior!  


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