To Be A Girl in Today’s World

To be a girl in today’s world,

Smile even when you feel like breaking down

Tell them you feel great

And when they tell you you’re pretty, it’ll make it all okay.

It’s hard to be authentic when people can be so brutal

In the face of conflict, always remain neutral.

Exhume confidence, because that is the most crucial characteristic.

At the same time strive to be beautiful, but not too narcissistic.

To adhere to strict image standards,

Prepare to transform yourself to avoid potential slander.

Nose jobs, tanning beds, Botox and self-absorption

Society’s obsession with vanity drives us to appear distorted

Challenging us to stick with demanding regimens,

We idolize individuals just to appear “more feminine”

Why do we put these glorified misconceptions on a pedestal?

“Because so-and-so said,” then it must be credible.

Reiterating the same conversation in your head begins to feel like Deja vu,

It becomes a job to maintain the image we feel obligated to live up to.

To receive approval, “wear this, but not like that”

God forbid anyone ever wear something that reveals the slightest bit of fat.

We are taught to automatically focus on the things we loathe,

When in reality no one gives a crap on how we clothe.

So why do we put ourselves through the abuse?

Because we are convinced it will all be worth it, which somehow makes it less askew.

We have the power to reject society’s push to conform,

Redefining what it means to be beautiful will come with inevitable scorn.

I am inherently good, and you are as well.

Never settle for the sake of pleasing other people; dare to rebel.

I am a girl in today’s world,

I have no shame in breaking down

I truly feel great

And when they tell me I am more than just a pretty face

that’s when I know it’s all okay.

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