A Poem About Freeing Yourself

freeing yourself - image of shadow of person jumping up high, with sunset in background and shadow of mountains behind them

A Poem about Freeing Yourself

You’re free to eat that chocolate cake
Or pass it up right quick.
You’re free to choose ice cream instead
Or pack your own picnic.

You’re free to lift down at the gym
Or hike or jog or bike.
You’re free to stay inside and nap
If that’s what you would like.

You’re free to wear eyeliner
Or baseball caps or crocks.
You’re free to don long strings of pearls
Or dirty frizzy locks.

Let’s not conform to this trend
Of should’s and of should not’s.
Either way is fine to be-
You’re free, my friend.
You’re free.

Now if you don’t agree with me
Some days, some weeks, some years.
I promise
There will come a time
When love conquers all fears.

When the food police start creepin,
Patrolling in your head,
You’ll recognize a still small voice, deep down
And this is what is says:

You are free!
You are loved!
You are free!

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