A Poem: I Would Never Call My Loved One This…

a poem: I would never call my loved one this - shows image of a hand on a fogged up glass door with water droplets covering it

I Would Never Call My Loved One This…

You stand over the garbage can

spitting up happiness and sanity

You starve yourself of joy

while I watch

You need control

You can’t hear me

The sound of your insides

screaming for love fills my ears

But I’m mute

I’m full of food

of love

I fill myself with love

So I look away, hold myself tight

ignore the bones keeping you upright

I buy snacks I know you’ll sneak

and say they’re for me

I taste all the things you’ll never try

I’ll never do what you do

I’ll never leave an empty seat

at the dining room table

And if I have a daughter

a niece

a goddaughter

I’ll never


tell her she’s f*t

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