A Poem: Expansive and Untouchable Flow

Image of huge waterfall for the poem: Expansive and Untouchable Flow

I think the gift of my journey so far is the acute awareness of my own mortality

Which often leaves me with a sense of incredible impatience.

But equally so, inspires me to consume.

To inhale deeply all that is this life.

What I breathe out is not polished with wisdom and logic.

Not an unwavering calm or an even release.

It’s messy and incomplete.


and re-raveling

and unravelling again.

It’s wading through mud and occasionally stopping to sink.

Though to be stuck does not mean to never move again

And, oh, how I move.

I can move like honey

and let life flow through me,

a channel for the divine.

I can exist as both expansive and untouchable

and hold this space with loving kindness and deep, eternal peace.

And I can crumble.

I can exist without spirit and I can lose touch with where I am in all of this.

I can be cruel and callous.

Our outer world is merely a mirror of our internal state.

You manifest your reality

what you feel is what you see.

So, ejecting myself into societal flow on days when my spirit is wavering

is a most draining and suffocating experience.

Though, on days in which my soul sings

I remember to notice the sky.

Those are the times where I can pause and exist in my bubble

expansive and untouchable.

Oh, what a ride.

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