Pregnancy Fears and How They Parallel to Recovery With Alyson Lischer, LMFT

Alyson Lischer standing on beach in blue dress with hands on pregnant stomach

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and Director of Admissions at Reasons Eating Disorder Center, Alyson Lischer has years of experience helping people work past the initial fears of recovery and entering into treatment. Little did she know, how many similar fears are found during pregnancy. Despite the initial panic, Alyson’s pregnancy actually helped her develop a newfound sense of respect and love for her body and a vast appreciation for what she refers to as the warrior goddess within all woman. Now almost a year into the most important job of her life, Alyson has some pearls of wisdom to share about motherhood.

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What You’ll Learn from Alyson Lischer

  • How pregnancy helped her truly embrace and love her body
  • Why letting go can actually help you get to where you are meant to be
  • The parallels between pregnancy and recovery
  • How love can be pure and imperfect at the same time
  • What is a warrior goddess and why you are one too

Alyson Lischer holding a newborn

 Favorite Quote

It is also helpful to realize that this very body that we have that is sitting right here, right now, with its aches and its pleasures, is exactly what we need to be to be fully human, fully awake, and fully alive. – Pema Chodron

A goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself, she is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her life. She is a woman who is able to fall in love with the magnificent possibilities within her. she is a woman who knows of the magic in mysterious places inside of her, the secret places that can nurture her soul and make her whole. She is a woman who radiates light, she is magnetic.

Alyson Lischer’s Favorite Recovery Resource

Advice to Former Self

You deserve a beautiful life and you can start living it today.

Definition of Recovery according to Alyson Lischer

Having a loving relationship with yourself and your body, embracing your own uniqueness, and treating yourself with gentle, loving respect.

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