Step Onto the Yoga Mat and Into Your Truth with Anastasia Nevin

Anastasia Nevin

Yoga is about the breath, the movement of the body and the union of the two. For Anastasia Nevin, MS, RDN, RYT yoga became a profound spiritual practice that helped her overcome an eating disorder and realize that we are not just a body, but we are spirits and we have souls. This appreciation and awareness awakened the calling to becoming a healer and a teacher.
Full circle, Anastasia now helps others heal from their eating disorder by integrating nutrition therapy and yoga, the two things that helped her overcome her personal battle. In this show, we talk all about yoga and the many deep lessons it can teach if you are willing to show up on the mat to learn.

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What You’ll Learn from my interview with Anastasia Nevin

  • How yoga can be combined with therapy
  • The most important thing to look for in a yoga class
  • How to get back into yoga if you’ve stopped the practice
  • What is ayurveda and how can it help with acceptance
  • Lessons from Anastasia’s trip to India

 Favorite Quote

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. -Pema Chodron

Favorite Recovery Resource

Advice to Former Self

You can be recovered. It’s possible to not have any food issues rather than always being in recovery for the rest of your life. Now being a recovered person where these struggles are not part of my life anymore. I would tell myself that it is actually possible to be completely free from this.

Definition of Recovery according to Anastasia Nevin

Recovery to me is integration. It’s integrating all parts of ourselves; our spirit, our mind, our body, and to live from that place of being whole.

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  1. says: Liz

    I loved this episode! I’m a recovered person going through a 200-hour YTT right now and think I might want to work in the yoga and recovery field too…this episode was so insightful and gave me lots of great food for thought. Thank you for sharing, Anastasia!

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