Finding Humor in the Darkness with Angela Gulner

Angela Gulner

Angela Gulner is nothing short of a trailblazer in the film industry for many reasons. Today we talk to her about the recent release of her new indie dark comedy, “BINGE: the series” and how her journey to recovery has led her to act out her darkest moments and secrets for the camera.

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What You’ll Learn From My Interview with Angela Gulner

  • What is BINGE, how has it benefitted Angela’s recovery, and where to watch it
  • Why it’s better to choose laughter over victimhood
  • How eating disorders can be closely tied to alcoholism and other mental health diagnosis’
  • Why choosing love over fear will ultimately strengthen your recovery
  • The importance of silencing your inner critic around diet and body image

 Favorite Quote

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

Favorite Recovery Resource

  • “Honestly it’s been BINGE; it’s been putting myself out there, because now I feel such a magnified sense of accountability to take care of myself and kind of be a role model.”

Warrior Moment

I went to the protests at the airport this week and that was incredibly moving to be a part of. It was so powerful and it reminded me of the inherent strength we all have when we connect as human beings and that we really can make a difference; our voices do matter. It also reminded me of the importance to find like minded people because your presence gets magnified. It’s a really powerful thing.

Definition of Recovery According to Angela Gulner

Getting myself back, getting my brain back. Being able to be present and active in my life and having space for other relationships and interests and desires outside of the eating disorder.

For Your Journey

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