Finding Community and Diversifying Your Social Media Feed with Annie Segarra

Where are all my people at? According to Annie Segarra, queer disabled latinx (she/they) activist for body positivity, LGBTQ+, disability, chronic illness, mental health, and autism says they are out there waiting for you to find them. Annie is the queen of using social media to demand better representation and call out objectification and harmful gender stereotypes. In this show, learn about diversifying your social media feed, finding your community – the people who understand your experiences – and the activists who are fighting for you.

The future is accessible means that we are seeking to make our environments and society create universal accessibility for everyone.

Annie Segarra

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What You’ll Learn

  • What Annie means by “The Future Is Accessible” and what led to the creation of this movement
  • The benefits of diversifying your social media feed
  • Helpful affirmations to deal with feelings of shame, anger, and disconnection
  • Ableist language and the importance of not dismissing it
  • Ways we can contribute other than by donating money

Quotables from Annie Segarra

There’s so many people that live in shame about their disabilities and isolate themselves from the community that they could potentially have.

That’s a huge conversation, the fact that people of any gender think that their beauty is the price that they have to pay to exist.

When you discover your truths about yourself, by being welcoming to those communities and engaging with those communities, diversifying your social circles and diversifying your social media feeds, then it’s amazing. You get to learn about other people and in that learn about yourself.

I’m gonna love my body, in spite of all this programming and all of this messaging.

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