“Anything but THAT!”…Common eating disorder fears explored & mantras to face them

Facing fears may feel overwhelming, but using the power of mantras can immensely help your eating disorder recovery journey.

In the latest episode of Fear Less, an audio series on The Recovery Warriors Show podcast channel, hosts Jessica Flint and Andrea Wells go deeper into the transformative nature of embracing shadows and using the power of mantras to manage fear.

Embracing the Shadows

Shadow work is an integral part of the healing journey. 

It involves acknowledging and integrating the denied, unwelcome, and unspeakable aspects of yourself. 

Embrace and shine light on the shadow.

Jessica Flint

In this episode, Jessica emphasizes the value of embracing shadows with compassion and patience, as inspired by Kim Krans’ archetypes guidebook.

You can also learn more about the life-changing practice of shadow work in one of our previous lessons.

Using the Power of Mantras

An effective approach to addressing these shadows is by using the power of mantras. 

Mantras act as powerful instruments for changing your perspective, giving you the ability to handle challenging feelings more confidently. 

When dealing with eating disorders, these short, simple yet meaningful words can help dismantle the fears associated with your healing journey.

In this episode, Jessica shares two impactful mantras: “Bring it On!” and “I’m excited.

“Bring It On”

As you go on an eating disorder recovery journey, there will be challenges that hinder your progress.

However, you can face them head-on by having a fearless and courageous attitude using the “bring it on” mantra.

This mantra signifies your willingness to embrace discomfort as an opportunity for self-discovery and transformation.

You have to have trust that you can do this.

Jessica Flint

By having this “Bring it on” mindset, you can break free from the grip of the eating disorder and open yourself up to new possibilities. 

Try this mantra to encourage determination and the belief that you are capable of overcoming obstacles along your journey.

“I’m Excited”

The “I’m excited” mantra can help you reframe fear as a growth opportunity instead of a paralyzing force.

When you shift your perspective from fear to excitement, you can tap into your innate curiosity and desire for change. 

This uplifting mantra rewires how your brain responds to fear, transforming it from a challenging force into a positive motivator.

By choosing to view fear as excitement, you can embrace challenges with enthusiasm and step outside your comfort zone


Mantras and shadow work are excellent tools for recovery, fostering resilience, growth, and self-renewal.

Take a listen to the full episode and begin using these tools to rewrite your story and unlock your strength.

Remember, every time you choose courage over fear, you grow stronger and move closer to a life of freedom, self-expression, and well-being.

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