Exactly How To Ask For (and maybe get) What You Really Want

Warriors- I have to tell you something very important that happened to me. Because it can happen to you too.

I am talking to you- the warrior that gives and gives and gives to others. Often at the expense of giving to yourself what you need.

Hey you, the warrior who has worked painstakingly hard on accepting yourself in a world where you’re bombarded with messages that you aren’t enough as you are – I’m talking to you.

I am talking to all of the warriors out there who spent most of their lives not even knowing what they wanted, let alone asking for it.

To warriors who put themselves last, who minimize their wants and deny their needs and desires. I am talking to the warriors who have taken tiny baby steps over and over, day after day, to walk closer to the life that they want.

Have you not even started your journey to healing yet? I’m talking to you too. Even if you feel scared and alone, and unable to do this – I’m still talking to you.

I am talking to all of the warriors out there because you need to know this.  Because I needed to know this.  Are you ready? Here it comes…

We can ask for what we want!

And when we DO ask for it, we just may even GET IT! And sometimes when we get it- it is even more beautiful, more amazing, more energizing, and more rewarding than we could have even imagined.

Do you understand how powerful this statement is?

Do you even know how much energy, life, and vitality can be gained by asking for and then receiving what we want?

I had no concept of this. When I was living a life consumed by my eating disorder I had no idea that I could find peace happiness and the things that I wanted. Especially if it meant giving up on my goal of changing my body.

I’m living proof

But I am here, right now, in the present moment, so filled with happiness, joy, time, energy, and life because I asked for something and I got it.

No longer clinging to an eating disorder or the believe that making myself smaller will save me, I’m now able to listen to what I really wanted and even ask for it.

Don’t believe me? Don’t think it can happen? Go ahead then, warrior, prove me wrong.

Ask for what you want. Put it out there. Don’t listen to the doubts and worries in your head of why it can’t or shouldn’t happen.

Ask for it, and just wait and see what happens next! And if it doesn’t happen the first time you ask for it, do NOT give up. Do not stop. Keep moving forward in your recovery. Continue trusting your treatment team until you can learn to trust yourself.

Keep asking yourself what you truly want. Take little tiny baby steps and ask for something small, or jump in and ask big.

All the while you have to remember that you DESERVE to have what you want. You are valuable and worthy just because you are YOU.

Yet, you won’t always get what you want just because you asked for it. It’s not a guarantee. But I can guarantee you are much more likely to get it if you ask.

There are even some things you will never get until you ask for it. And once you ask, you must allow it in.

I did, and I can’t even believe how thankful I am.

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