Giving Voice to the Trans Community with Beck Gee Cohen

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Beck Gee Cohen uses his voice to bridge the divide between the trans community and the rest of the world. He is the Director of LGBTQI+ Programming at Visions Adolescent Treatment Center and through his company, BGC Consulting, Beck helps facilities establish LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, and provides program development to expand their services to LGBTQ+ populations. In this episode of In This Body, he covers common experiences a trans man faces living in his body and offers key educational moments for non-trans people to understand what it is like to live with this identity.

I already had that innate feeling that I was broken, just knowing that I was different.

Beck Gee Cohen

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What You’ll Learn

  • The ways that Beck is bridging the gap between LGBTQ communities and the world and having more “human conversations”
  • How systemic oppression affects Beck personally, and his tips for fighting back against it
  • What community, and finding community, means to Beck
  • His insights on how social media is impacting the way that we view our bodies
  • Beck’s perspective on managing anger, shame and disconnection
  • How we can do better moving from awareness to action

Quotables from Beck Gee Cohen

What I see with trans men, and I have conversations with a lot of them, is this invisibility. It’s like they were invisible as a woman, and now they’re invisible as a man.

Labels can be really confining and constricting, but they can also be kind of freeing.

I have always learned early on to create the community that you seek. If you need someone you have to ask and put yourself out there.

No one can take your identity from you. Whether they misgender you, whether they say something bad about trans people.

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