Being Stuck in Recovery to Moving Forward with Sarah Perry

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Follow your heart and believe in yourself. – Sarah Perry

After initially making progress, Sarah Perry felt stuck in her recovery journey. She enrolled in the School of Recovery in hopes of getting over the plateau. Now just two years later, Sarah is thriving. Embracing courage, she’s stepped out of her comfort zone. She is the co-host of Tea Time with the Flawsome Soul Sisters– a podcast that brings awareness to eating disorders. Today Sarah fills her days with improv class, socializing with friends, and sharing meals with her family.

Tune into this episode of The Recovery Warrior Show to hear how Sarah learned to let go of perfectionism and follow her dreams.

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black background in white letters it says: "I'm human, it's okay to mess up. It's okay to feel crappy." 
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What You’ll Learn from Sarah Perry’s Episode:

  • The importance of giving yourself permission in recovery 
  • How the practice of gratitude has shifted her mindset 
  • Growth that comes from stepping out of comfort zones and being vulnerable 
  • “Yes, and” statements- what they are and how they can be helpful
  • How to manage emotions rather than blocking them with an eating disorder
  • Ways Sarah has incorporated self-compassion into her life 
  • How overcoming perfectionism has allowed Sarah to follow her dreams 

Sarah Perry’s Quotables:

I go towards self compassion now.

Just keep going. And don’t give up.

There is no timeline. There is no rush.

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