Improve Your Body Image: Healing the Hate

improve body image, an image of a quote in blue letters on an orange background that says "You cannot improve your body image if you are treating your body poorly"
Poor body image not only makes life miserable but it is a critical risk factor for eating disorder relapse. And yet, learning to heal it seems to be one of the most illusive pieces of eating disorder recovery. You cannot talk yourself into a better body image while engaging in self-hating behaviors. It doesn’t matter how many therapy sessions you attend. If you treat yourself with hate you will continue to feel hate towards your body. In this video blog I share with you the why and the how to improve your body image through actionable steps.
After you view this video blog, I hope you will share what you plan to start doing that feels good to your body. What action step or steps will you start making today?

Steps to Improve Body Image

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  1. says: Katie

    Thanks so much, I really enjoyed your video blog and think my number one thing I do to be kind to my body is letting myself sit down and relax and not have to exercise or do anything when I’m feeling exhausted ☺ its nice to know it’s ok to be nice to yourself!

  2. says: Marci

    Ooh thanks for sharing your idea Katie! I fully support sitting down and relaxing when you are exhausted….and even when you aren’t exhausted. 😉

  3. says: Jo

    I love this video. I was only thinking today how I neglect my body when I’m at my lowest points. I don’t shave my legs, paint my toe nails, put make up on or make an effort with my hair. I feel so much better when I’m nice to myself and use lotions that smell nice and take the time to put some make up on. Just having my hair cut and coloured is a huge deal – most of the time I think ‘what’s the point?’ But when I actually go and get it done, it does help me view myself more positively and compassionately and I’m then far more likely to nourish my body in a way that benefits it. What I find hard is keeping it up and not getting derailed!

  4. says: Jo

    Oh and going to bed at a reasonable time, on a regular basis really makes me feel like I’m looking after myself. And what I really love is going to bed early, with lovely fresh sheets and reading 🙂

  5. says: Marci

    I loved hearing from you Jo! Fresh, clean linens are the absolute best. We all have trouble remembering to do these things. We’re all a work in progress. I hope this video will keep your intentions top of mind and that taking good care of your body starts to become routine over time. I know you deserve it!

  6. says: Kristi

    Marci, I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I watched this video and took notes and got a lot of helpful points out of it. One of the things I keep asking myself now is, “What can I do for my body that feels good and is kind?” Doing that makes a big difference for me in terms of how I treat my body and how I feel inside, like I feel much more at peace. Thank you again so much for making the video, it really really helped me.

  7. says: Marci Anderson Evans MS, CEDRD

    Kristi, thank you for taking the time share your comment with me and the group. I really do believe that this question/practice is profound. I am so glad to hear it’s been helpful for you. Keep at it- you deserve it!

  8. says: Elizabeth

    Watching this has come at a great time for me because while a lot of things are going well for me in my recovery, I still struggle with body image and treating myself well. One thing I can do for myself this week is to actually make the appointment to get my hair done because it always makes me feel more beautiful and its somethings I don’t do enough for myself.

    Something I want to start doing more is working on a practice simple stretches that I can do in the morning and the evening just loosen up my muscles and feel my body and give gratitude to it for all that it does for me each day 🙂

    Thank you for making this video!

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