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A 5-Day Body Image Bootcamp to Transform Your Self-Image and Build Real Confidence

Especially if you've battled your body & obsessed over food for decades

Join us and gain access to the Body Freedom Framework™—your BFF for continuous body image healing and empowerment.

Here's your chance to

Discover Actionable steps and proven tools to feel more confident and carefree in your body.

"I'm not just looking to be "OK"..."

“I’m not just looking to be “OK”, I want to work beyond that. Recovery is #1 for me. Whatever it takes is what I’ll do.”

— Tiffany 🇺🇸

Who this Live training is for:

This bootcamp is ideal for anyone recovering from an eating disorder, struggling with body image issues, or seeking a diet-free approach to body acceptance.

The Body image Bootcamp™ is for you if:

Calling all perfectionists who pick themselves apart on the daily...

Are you tired of battling yourself?

It’s exhausting to push yourself to your limits, only to feel like you never measure up. Even when you do meet your sky-high expectations, the constant pressure to keep it all together feels overwhelming AF.

This relentless cycle leads to burnout, unchecked imposter syndrome, and an unstable foundation for recovery.

But you don’t have to go through life like this—judging every aspect of yourself from your body to your brain. It’s time to break free from this exhausting pattern and embrace a healthier, more sustainable way of being.

Inside the bootcamp:

Day-by-day, explore our transformative Body Freedom Framework™️, your BFF for ongoing body image healing.

Day 1: Feel the Feels

Explore body image as a fluctuating spectrum, shaped by mood, environment, and life experiences.

Day 2: More Than My Body

Discover how to stop equating your beauty or self-worth with your physical appearance. 

Day 3: Boundaries Badass

Dive deep into the FOUR essential boundary types and how to set them without guilt and fear.

Day 4: Confidence Code

Unlock confidence through a simple formula you’ll wanna stick on a post-it note to remember for a lifetime.

Day 5: Fearless Fashion

Embrace your unique shape with confidence by challenging limiting beliefs about your body and fashion.


Elevate your experience through LIVE facilitated “Conversation Circles” for extra accountability.

What you'll get:

All that's included for $47


the body image bootcamp

5 days of immersive TRAININGS starting July 8th led by Jessica Flint, pioneer in eating disorder recovery resources and community building. Each day, you’ll receive engaging and uplifting pre-recorded videos, action items, and bonus questions designed to help you integrate the Body Freedom Framework™—your new BFF for body image healing. (Value $497)



Comprehensive step-by-step guides, available both digitally in Notion, a game-changing, dynamic all-in-one workspace and printable PDF handouts. Our bootcamp guides provide clear, actionable steps to help you integrate the Body Freedom Framework™ into your daily life, ensuring you have tools you need for lasting transformation. (Value $97) 



Connect with our supportive private community away from social media. Experience a safe haven where you can be yourself, share openly, and receive the encouragement you need to thrive. Join us and discover the transformative power of community support on your journey to body image healing. (Value $297)



As part of your Bootcamp experience, you’ll get exclusive access to our Self-Care Weekend Workshop. Join us for two transformative days of live sessions, interactive workshops, and Q&A opportunities with Jessica Flint. Dive deep into the 5 Self-Care Languages to further refine your personalized Body Freedom Blueprint. This is a bonus you won’t want to miss! (Value $197)


BONUS 2: Food & Body Expert VIDEO Library

Gain access to the Courage Club’s private video library, featuring exclusive content from doctors, dietitians, and therapists. This vault covers a wide range of food and body-related issues like:

  • Befriending Your Nervous System
  • Reclaiming Body Trust
  • Exploring Food Cravings and Hunger Signals
  • A GI Expert Talks Digestion and Gut Health
  • PLUS MORE! (Value $197)

Mark your calendar

Bootcamp starts JuLy 8th


"It helped me focus on lifelong skills that I need to maintain for recovery."

“It helped me focus on the lifelong skills that I need to maintain for recovery. I honestly can’t believe how quickly I got back on track. My recovery literally grew wings and started to fly. The way Jessica helps people recover and stand on their own two feet is incredible. She has changed my life.”

— Maria 🇬🇧

Our ProMise

Craft a personalized progress plan using the Body Freedom Framework™️

Walk away from the bootcamp with a personalized blueprint for body image healing, guided by our transformative Body Freedom Framework™️ (your new BFF). By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll be equipped with actionable strategies and have a comprehensive plan to continue your progress, empowering you to embrace and celebrate your true self with more confidence.


With a clear timeline and dedicated support, you’ll stay focused on your body image healing journey.


Discover practical, hands-on strategies to help you improve and maintain a more resilient body image.


Lean on the Body Freedom Framework's structured guidance and the strength of a supportive community.

The BFF process

When you join the bootcamp

Get access to our private community as early as July 1st. Once we officially start on July 8th, you can expect the following:



With a clear timeline and dedicated support, you’ll stay focused on your body image healing journey.


Discover practical, hands-on strategies to help you improve and maintain a more resilient body image.


Lean on the Body Freedom Framework's structured guidance and the strength of a supportive community.

Meet your sUMMER guide

Hello, I'm Jessica Flint

I’m riding shotgun with you on this journey. I know how much body image can get in the way of living a “normal” carefree life.

In my teens and 20’s, I treated dieting as if it was an extreme sport and ended up neck deep in an eating disorder, obsessed with dieting, the number on the scale, and punishing my body through exercise.

Throughout my 30’s, while I served millions of recovering souls like yours through Recovery Warriors, I struggled with a hormonal condition called Hirsutism. It leads to male patterned hair growth all over my face and body, leading me to look something akin to a teenage boy.

Now in my 40’s, I’m fully embarking on my own body freedom journey to accept myself, hairs and all, and embrace the discomfort of being seen in my natural body, instead of going to great lengths to fight against it and miss out on life.

Body shame and insecurities separate us from so much life has to offer.

So go ahead—sign up now, and let’s change that. I’ll see you inside the bootcamp.

Featured in:

"I am a different person. I feel connected to myself and others. I have confidence."

“I was losing hope that recovery could ever be possible for me. Now I am a strong, confident badass. I am a different person. I feel connected to myself and others. I have confidence.”

— Julie 🇺🇸


Got questions?

The Bootcamp kicks off on Monday, July 8th, with our first “Daily Drop” released at 7am EDT. Each day from Monday through Friday, you’ll receive a new “Daily Drop” at the same time, ensuring a consistent and manageable routine.

Our “Daily Drop” are thoughtfully pre-recorded videos, each designed to be engaging and uplifting, lasting under one hour. For your convenience, audio versions will also be available, allowing you to choose the format that best fits your day. We pre-recorded these lessons to offer you the flexibility to integrate them seamlessly into your busy life.

Each “Daily Drop” includes a transformative action item for you to complete, as well as bonus questions for those who wish to explore the day’s topic more deeply. This structure ensures you can absorb the material at your own pace while still making meaningful progress towards body image healing.

For those opting for the VIP Bootcamp Experience (upgrade when you register), you’ll have the opportunity to join our exclusive LIVE sessions at 12pm EDT or 6pm EDT each day of the bootcamp via Zoom, depending on your schedule and time zone. These intimate “Conversation Circles” are led by trained peer facilitators with lived experience in recovery. They provide a compassionate space for you to integrate the bootcamp lessons, openly discuss your journey, and connect with fellow warriors in a safe, supportive environment.

Each day’s training is crafted to be impactful and uplifting, lasting under 60 minutes. The trainings will be pre-recorded and delivered to you at 7am EDT each day of the bootcamp, giving you the freedom to fit them into your daily routine. Watch or listen to the training as you get ready in the morning, commute to work, or enjoy a refreshing walk outdoors. Speed them up, press pause—this is your special time to discover the Body Freedom Framework™, your new BFF for body image healing.

If you choose to upgrade to the VIP Bootcamp Experience (upgrade when you register), you’ll also have the chance to join our AM or PM “Conversation Circles” hosted LIVE through Zoom. These small groups are led by trained peer facilitators with lived experience in recovery, who will compassionately guide you in integrating the bootcamp lessons. This provides a wonderful opportunity to openly discuss your journey with fellow warriors in a safe, supportive, and moderated environment.

No worries! We’re all about letting go of perfectionism and embracing progress, as you’ll discover in Day 4 of the Bootcamp. All of the DAILY DROPS will be available in our private community until July 19th, giving you the flexibility to catch up at your own pace. We’ve found that this limited-time access helps everyone stay focused and engaged, ensuring you get the most out of your Bootcamp experience.

For those in the VIP Bootcamp Experience (you can upgrade when you register), our daily AM or PM “Conversation Circles” are not recorded to maintain a safe and confidential environment for open discussion and integration of the Body Freedom Framework™. It’s perfectly okay if you miss a “Conversation Circle” — you don’t have to attend every session to experience the incredible benefits of connecting with others on a similar journey.

Elevate your body image healing journey with the Self-Care Weekend—an exclusive event curated with love and led by none other than the radiant Jessica Flint, CEO of Recovery Warriors and a guiding light in the world of eating disorder recovery!

1. Exclusive Live Sessions:

  • Get backstage access to the FIRST recordings of  Jessica Flint’s NEW podcast, Love & Learn.
  • Join us from 12-3pm EDT on Saturday, July 13th, and Sunday, July 14th for live, interactive workshops exploring the 5 Self-Care Languages.

2. Interactive Workshops:

  • Explore the 5 Self-Care Languages: With Jessica as your guide, you’ll explore the 5 Self-Care Languages and access a Self-Care Kit (valued at $97), providing you with practical tools and insights to enrich your self-care practice.

3. Q&A Sessions:

  • Cap off each day with a Q&A hour with Jessica Flint, ensuring you receive personalized insights and support.

Join the Body Image Bootcamp to gain exclusive access to this transformative weekend of connection, empowerment, and self-care. Sign up now and let Jessica be your guiding star!

The VIP Bootcamp Experience is an exclusive upgrade designed to provide you with an even deeper, more personalized journey through our 5-Day Body Image Bootcamp. When you upgrade to the VIP experience during registration, you unlock extra special features that enhance your bootcamp integration like:

1. Exclusive LIVE “Conversation Circles”:

  • Two Daily Sessions: Join us at either 12pm EDT or 6pm EDT each day of the bootcamp, depending on your schedule and time zone.
  • Intimate Groups: These small, interactive sessions are led by trained peer facilitators with lived experience in recovery. You’ll be part of a compassionate and supportive environment where you can openly discuss your journey.
  • Real-Time Integration: Dive deeper into the daily lessons and action items from the bootcamp, ensuring you have the accountability to apply what you learn in real-time.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Our Conversation Circles are designed to be safe spaces where you can share your thoughts and experiences without judgment.

2. Enhanced Community Connection:

  • Fellow Warriors: Connect with a dedicated group of fellow VIP participants who are also committed to their body image healing journey. Share insights, offer support, and build lasting connections.
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy additional opportunities to interact with Jessica Flint and other key members of the Recovery Warriors team during the VIP sessions.

3. Flexibility and Convenience:

  • Choose Your Time: With sessions available at two different times each day (12pm EDT or 6pm EDT), you can choose the one that best fits your schedule, making it easier to stay engaged and present.
  • Seamless Integration: The VIP experience is designed to complement the main bootcamp, enhancing your learning and growth without adding stress or overwhelm.

The VIP Bootcamp Experience is more than just an upgrade—it’s a chance to elevate your healing journey with extra support, community, and personalized attention. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to dive deeper and transform your relationship with your body. Upgrade to the VIP experience when you register for the main bootcamp and let others hold space for you and you can do the same for them!

Yes, it will! The 5-Day Body Image Bootcamp is designed to meet you wherever you are on your journey. Even if you’ve struggled with body image your entire life, this bootcamp offers a fresh, transformative approach. Our Body Freedom Framework™️ is crafted to gently guide you towards body image healing, no matter your starting point.

With daily practices, actionable tools, and the supportive community of fellow warriors, you’ll discover new ways to see and appreciate your body. It’s never too late to start feeling empowered in the skin you’re in. Trust in the process, and give yourself the gift of this incredible 5-Day Body Image Bootcamp journey. 

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