ALL You Need to Know About the Achievement Trap with Brandilyn Tebo

Brandilyn Tebo, life coach and author of recent best-selling book The Achievement Trap, wants to help achievers, overachievers and perfectionists find freedom from perfectionism, people pleasing and dependency on achievement. She understands how prohibitive low-level emotions, like dissatisfaction, disappointment, shame, and guilt, can be on our ability to live the lives we want. Tune in to learn how letting go of being “enough”, willingness to live in discomfort, and openness to rejection and failure can transform your life and bring true success.

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What You’ll Learn from my interview with Brandilyn Tebo

  • What the achievement trap is and how can we move away from it.
  • Why willingness and living in discomfort are so important to living a full and fulfilling life.
  • How restructuring your vocabulary can add greater perspective and be an act of self-kindness
  • How to restructure our relationship with pain so that we can live with less suffering.
  • How to use inner child work to help heal and recover and an example of what it looks like

 Favorite Quote

Whatever arises, love that.

Favorite Recovery Resource

Advice to Former Self

I would tell her that the world is waiting for her to let go of her shame. The world is waiting for her to stop trying to prove anything and just be herself. And that every little part of her is lovable, every perceived flaw and inadequacy is actually what is most lovable about her and there are so many people out there who will love her exactly as you are. All those things you tried to suppress and run from are what are most lovable about you.

Definition of Recovery according to Brandilyn Tebo

Willingness to love yourself exactly where you’re at.

For Your Journey

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