Challenging Beliefs and Thoughts with Brandilyn Tebo

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Brandilyn Tebo’s eating disorder served as an alarm clock that awakened her to what she needed to do to save herself and ultimately the dreams she wanted to pursue in life. Drawing upon a unique blend of eastern and western traditions, Brandilyn has come home to her mind, body and soul. Now through an empowering group program and retreats she helps others create space to choose what they want to believe about themselves so they can pursue their passions and heart desires. In this show, we talk all about challenging beliefs and thoughts and how it can help you find the wholeness and love within you.

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What You’ll Learn

  • What an East meets West approach to recovery looks like
  • Why shame is a breeding ground for eating disorders
  • How to rediscover your dreams, passions and desires
  • What dis-identifying from your thoughts can do for your recovery
  • When to question your beliefs and much much more.

 Favorite Quote

Life gave me a box of darkness it took me years to understand that this too is a gift. -Mary Oliver

The wound is the place the light enters. -Rumi

Favorite Recovery Resource

Advice to Former Self

Come back to yourself. Love whatever arises in her experience. It is safe. It’s safe to come back. It is safe to be with herself.

Warrior Moment

I’m currently working towards doing a retreat the first weekend of November and I have no idea how to advertise and market whatsoever. It is like a totally foreign language to me and I’ve had to take that on myself. It has been really frustrating because I have no idea what I’m doing. There have been many times, I’m like what am I even doing this for, why am I putting myself through all this. Why am I working a full time job and coaching and launching my own business and doing these retreats. It’s like what the heck is all this for and I’ve had to really get connected to the why I do it, which is to help guide people back to themselves and share freedom and share peace. That has required a lot of courage because it is scary and it is vulnerable to be going after what you really want and there are no guarantees whatsoever and I’ve had to realize nobody cares about any of this as much as I do. It’s either me stand by it and really stand up for what I believe in and honor my commitments or none of it is going to happen. I’ve had to be a warrior in launching my business and sitting with the discomfort of knowing everything might totally fail and that is okay.

Definition of Recovery according to Brandilyn Tebo

Nothing you believe is true and knowing that is freedom. Knowing that recovery doesn’t have to look any certain way, its about you bringing awareness to whatever is arising for you and seeing that you are free, whole, and complete exactly as you are.

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