Bulimia Is a Thief. But I’ve Found a Reason to Rejoice (a poem)

They talk about bulimia,
And all the havoc it wreaks.

Your teeth will chip, and you’ll often fall

Because your body becomes so weak.

One thing they fail to mention
Had the biggest effect on me.
You see, bulimia is a thief.

It’ll steal your memories.
Like vacations spent with friends,
You thought you’d never forget,
Are filled with nothing more but memories,

Of your head in the toilet.

Or a magical prom night,
Quickly replaced with gloom.
Because you kept finding excuses
To go to the bathroom.

My freshman year of college,
Full of excitement and new people to meet
Had become quickly replaced
With memories by the toilet seat.

I don’t remember fun parties

No matter how hard I try.
But one thing I do remember
Is trying to disguise my bloodshot eyes.

I don’t remember much of high school,
Not even senior night.
But I remember eating in the cafeteria,

Regretting every single bite.

Bulimia destroys you physically,
There’s no denying that.
But it can also steal your memories,
And all you’ll remember is feeling fat.

You’re a thief, bulimia.
You’ve taken so many things.
But what I think is so heartbreaking,
Is that there are so many others just like me.

You may not get those moments back,
But I’m here to tell you this:
If you stay brave and fight bulimia,
You’ll gain memories filled with bliss.

Memories of a long-awaited victory

From the hardest battle in history.
No longer a slave in misery,
Or looking back on your past bitterly.

Memories of an evening spent with friends,
Instead of memories spent playing pretend.
Memories of truly living each day
Instead of slowly withering away.

Memories of knowing you’re stronger

You’re in control now, a warrior.

You’ve been through it all, you can stand tall.
You’re held captive no longer.
Free to live,
Free to love.

With wisdom, hope, and advice to give.

Use your voice,
Use your struggle.
You have a choice

To let your stolen memories

Become your reason to rejoice.

Image: @odaniechea

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