Changing your Perspective Around Fear with Rachael St. Germain

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I know what my inner warrior feels like; she is fierce. And if I keep taking steps forward, I’m going to transform into her even more. -Rachael St. Germain

Weight changes, setting boundaries, strong emotions, unfulfilled potential…there are so many issues that keep people frozen in fear in their recovery. Rachael St. Germain is no stranger to these fears.

When Rachael began coursework through The School of Recovery, she hoped to heal from her eating disorder. And while she made huge progress in her own recovery journey, she found so much more! Recovery reignited a passion for writing deep within her. Finding her voice, she was able to leave the safe job she felt stuck in and pursue her real dreams.

On Rachael’s journey she transformed from living by the rules of everyone else into a grateful, confident, and radiant warrior. Tune into this episode of The Recovery Warrior Show to hear her inspiring story.

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Rachael St. Germain quote - in white text on black background: I don't need everyone to like me. I can just be who I am.

What You’ll Learn from Rachael St. Germain’s interview:

  • How the addition of a morning routine helped Rachael reignite a passion for writing.
  • The ways understanding her archetypal signature helped her embrace her true self and recovery.
  • What a “shadow career” is and how recovery gave Rachael the courage to step into the unknown.
  • Simple reframes of fear that can put the power in your hands, not the eating disorders.
  • How she uses mindful self compassion to move through difficult emotions and face her inner critic.

Rachael St. Germain’s Quotables:

There’s no going back. And the only way forward is to go super hard into this cave to slay that dragon once and for all.

How can I stay awake to the treasures that are in each day and open to the opportunities that await me?

I use my headspace to help me set certain goals and tasks that follow the path of my heart space.

Run towards the roar. There is something behind that fear, and I must have it.

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