Taking Time From the Daily Grind with Clare Milliken


In today’s work-centric culture, our to-do list’s never end. There is always someone to call, an email to send, an errand to run. It is so exhausting. Yet taking time to relax and recharge can be a foreign concept to someone with a history of an eating disorder. For Chicago based journalist and Recovery Warrior contributor Clare Milliken, it took a lot of practice to get to a place where she realized her nose to the grindstone did not make her happier or more fulfilled.
Through adopting a self-care practice and recovery toolkit she was able to accomplish much more without feeling so beat down. Tune in to learn what steps Clare took to go from weekly freak-outs to embracing enjoyment, fun and spontaneity.


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What You’ll Learn

  • What is in Clare’s recovery toolbox
  • Why our work-centric culture makes us less productive
  • What is the lotion challenge and how can it help improve your body image
  • What is social self-care and it’s advantages


 Favorite Quote

Comparison is the thief of joy


Favorite Recovery Resource

  • The Recovery Warrior Show 🙂


Advice to Former Self

Suffering doesn’t make you worthy. You can do this, you can get through this, but no one can do it for you. You can do it though.


Definition of Recovery

Living free of shame and free of self-abuse. Embracing enjoyment, fun and spontaneity.

For Your Journey


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