Dear Bulimia: An Honest Letter To My Eating Disorder

Dear bulimia,

You and I, me and you. We’ve shared five years together as a couple.

From moments of happiness to moments of darkness and pain, we’ve been side by side. You came into my life disguised as a superhero who would solve all my problems and take away the deep pain in my soul.

Bulimia, I trusted you at everything you told me.

I believed everything you said and let your rules dictate my life. You had the power to make be believe everything you said was true.

But one day, I realized what a liar you are.

You truly want me dead and completely destroyed. Thankfully, I’ve decided that will never happen.

Do you know why, dear bulimia?

Because now I can finally separate myself from you.

It wasn’t me who wanted to kill myself – it was you.

My voice is not your voice. I have my own needs, preference, and personality that are totally separate from you.

You are not going to decide the rest of my life. I will not tolerate you anymore. I don’t need you!

I’m no longer the young girl who wanted desperately to feel loved and wanted. Now, I’m a responsible adult now who’s going to prove you wrong.

But I know it won’t be easy to get rid of you, bulimia. You have teeth, and you bite me every time I do the opposite of what you tell me to do. But I’m ready to fight.

I’d rather feel the pain of breaking up with you than live the rest of my life with you.-Suffering every day and dying little by little. No, we’re done. You’ve ruined enough years already.

Today, I chose recovery. And tomorrow will be the same. The battle has started.

Get ready to lose, bulimia!



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