“Dear Scale”: A Poem

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Dear Scale,


Hey there old friend. I bet you don’t recognize me.
I am twice the woman that you once allowed me to be.
When you were at the reigns, my hope was pretty thin,

The numbers on your face determined all my worth within.
I would judge my next meal by what you had to say,
The constant worry about your data would wipe my joy away.
If I knew you were around, I would focus on only you,
Forgetting all other aspects of self that I embodied, too.

My weight was the one decider, the fact that made me enough,
If you were an ounce off I would compensate, no matter how hard or how tough.
Yes, you haunted me daily, so much so that I couldn’t breathe,
And the crazy part about it was that I couldn’t even see.

That is right; I could not see the light,
The one that shined within me that you coveted with your strife.
Your ridged way of measuring me to make me fit a mold,
A mold that broke me down and ripped away my soul.
Wow, why am I talking to you? All the damage that you did…

Taking my adult body and making me believe it should be like a kid’s.
You know what? I am done. Kaput. Complete.
The way you make me feel will never again be my defeat.

Now, I measure myself in joy.

A right that should be given to every man, woman, girl, or boy.
So this is goodbye, but I want you to know,
The truth should be laid out for you right before I go…
My worth was never in your hands, on your surface, or in your data,

My body is simply a vehicle to spread love and my weight shouldn’t matter.

So go ahead and cry as you see me walk on by,
Besides, my ass looks way better now that you don’t rule my mind.
Kisses, hugs, and I’ll see you in a year,
Because the only love you get from me is when the OBGYN checks my rear.




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