Does Your Body REALLY Need a Detox? – The Surprising Truth

Wandering packed aisles of the pharmacy or health food stores, you stumble across a multitude of green veggie-packed juices, herbal supplements, pills and powders touting their purification and detox abilities. Some may spew overt messages about weight-loss “benefits” while others emphasize the ability to detox the body’s internal organs.

You may often hear health companies claim that juicing, liquid only diets, and cleansing supplements are beneficial. They claim they’ll jump-starts weight loss, eliminates toxins, and give the body a much-needed break.

Packed high with nutrition and made of 110% natural ingredients; it’s scary how easily persuaded one can feel!

Wait for it…

There actually is no scientific research that objectively demonstrates that any of these claims are accurate, not to mention emotionally or mentally healthy.

Juicing is in nature highly restrictive and often does not allow an individual to consume an adequate number of calories for weight-maintenance. Additionally, detox supplements often include ingredients known for their laxative-effect.

The idea that we must rid our bodies of toxins reiterates preconceived notions about how individuals “should” eat.

The idea that our bodies need assistance to remove toxins from our systems undermines just how complex and amazing our bodies actually are! The gastrointestinal tract, lungs, kidneys, and liver are incredibly capable organs designed to cleanse our bodies naturally and consistently. Let’s give them a little more credit!

A different kind of detox

Healthy detoxing of the mind and body doesn’t mean resorting to fad diet claims! Maybe you’re in need of a fresh start, something new, or some extra self-care. Maybe you’re feeling in need of better life balance.

Cleansing rituals can be incredibly beneficial, so long as the mechanism itself is healthy. Practices like journaling or meditation can be amazing ways to rid the mind of unnecessary burden.

Creative or artistic outlets serve as wonderful ways to detoxify the mind, body, and spirit while honoring the recovery process.

Connecting with nature, being outdoors, or unplugging from technology for a day can feel incredibly rejuvenating and cleansing.

Feeling a need to detox isn’t inherently bad. But let’s trust our bodies to do what they are designed to do for us. Let’s thank our bodies for their natural detoxifying capabilities, talent, and forgiveness.

Let’s stand in awe at how deeply complex and beautiful our bodies are.

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