From Body Image Struggle to Body Appreciation with Yoga Expert, Dianne Bondy

If you told Dianne Bondy ten years ago that she would leave behind her high-stress corporate job to become a yoga instructor and body positive activist, she would not have believed you. She now channels that energy into spreading the message that every BODY, regardless of skin color, size, or ability level, can do yoga. In this episode, Dianne tells us how to overcome the negative messages about our bodies that we receive from mainstream media as well how to respect and love our bodies unconditionally.

What You’ll Learn from Dianne Bondy

  • How the commodification and commercialization of yoga perpetuates the belief that only certain body types can do yoga
  • The benefits of yoga that aren’t related to the physical poses
  • How pregnancy helped change Dianne’s view of her body as something she should overcome into something miraculous
  • How to recognize and then tune out the destructive messages of diet culture
  • The importance of incorporating self love into your daily life

Dianne Bondy’s Favorite Quote

A consequence of female self love is that when a woman grows convinced of her social worth, her love for her body will be unqualified, which is the basis for feminine identification. If a woman loves her own body, she doesn’t begrudge what other women do with theirs; if she loves her femaleness, she champions it. It’s true what they say about women; we are insatiable, we are greedy, our appetites do not need to be controlled if things are to stay in place. If the world were ours too and if we believed we could get away with it, we would ask for more love, for more sex, for more money, for more children, for more food, for more care. – The Beauty Myth

Favorite Recovery Resource

Advice to Former Self

Everything is going to be okay. This is just a moment in time. This is not forever, this is just happening now. Believe it or not, you are going to gain inner strength from this moment and you are going to look back on this moment in ten, twenty, or thirty years from now and say to yourself: wow, I was strong, I made it through. Because you will.

Definition of Recovery according to Dianne Bondy

Survival and strength. Knowing that recovery is possible.

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