This Is Why Your Eating Disorder ISN’T Your Friend (a poem)

You were forever in my presence.

Never alone in my thoughts,
Because you were always there.

At the forefront of my mind.

In charge of my every move.

Sharp turns down dangerous routes.
I tried to steer away.
But no.

You were still there.

Promising me this was the right way to go.

Little did I know.

This road, I hoped was full of dreams and promises,

So suddenly lead me to a mountain of dust and rubble.

You left me.

Dumped and surrounded with a mess I could only blame myself for.

I needed to escape this scary place that was blinding me from real life.

Struggling to open my eyes and fight my way out.
I felt betrayed by the one thing that promised to protect me.

Did I honestly believe this “shadow” was protecting me?


Like an umbrella,
Shielding me from the rain,
I believed this would shield me from the pain.

It’s all a lie.

Your eating disorder is not your friend.

You don’t need it beside you to make it till the end.

Stronger without it.
Feeling free.
You can be on your way to be the best YOU, you know you can be.

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