Eating Disorders In Your 40’s… Is It Possible To Recover? Ask Lisette Hoschek

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It stopped being about food and started being about living my life the way I want to. Not the way other people think I should. – Lisette Hoschek

Lisette Hoschek had the husband and kids she always dreamed for, but felt empty inside. She tried to fit the mold of a perfect daughter, perfect mom, perfect wife. And after so many years of people pleasing she lost sight of who she really was.

One day after a shocking moment in the grocery store with her 3 rambunctious little boys she came home and googled “eating disorder in your 40’s…is it possible to recover?

This is when she stumbled upon The Recovery Warrior Show podcast.

5 years, 140 episodes, and multiple recovery programs later, Lisette is a completely different woman and is proud of the massive mountain high milestones she’s reached in her recovery.

All the recovery work she has done to discover her voice, purpose, and passions has now landed her on our team at Recovery Warriors as our lead contributor and editorial manager!

Tune into her full story and learn why finding your voice, passions, and purpose can bring anyone, at any age, out of the emptiness of an eating disorder into the fullness and joy of life.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it is never too late to recover from an eating disorder
  • How PCOS factored into the development of Lisette’s eating disorder
  • The ways recovery has affected her parenting
  • How Lisette was able to reconnect with her true self, values, and purpose
  • Why learning about Health At Every Size helped shift Lisette’s recovery
Lisette Hoschek quote - in white letters on black background: I don't believe my purpose in this life is to keep my body in a small size. There are just so many more things to be alive for,.

Lisette Hoschek’s Quotables

I am a different mom now that I have stepped into my authentic self.

I don’t have to say yes to everybody that asks something of me, just because I feel like I’m supposed to. Especially if it’s sucking my energy away from doing things that feed my soul.

Learning to take care of myself through the difficult challenges has been really important.

You don’t have to spend your whole life consumed with your body and with food. There’s so much more in the world.

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