How DBT Can Supercharge Your Recovery with Emily Dailey of UCSD

Emily Dailey

So excited to be back with a new show, warriors! I took a somewhat unexpected 4-month break, which I talk all about in this short video.

Emily Dailey
I’m honored to have had the opportunity to interview Emily Dailey, a DBT expert and Senior Therapist at UCSD Eating Disorders Center for Treatment and Research. This show is full of actionable advice that you can implement in your life right here, right now. From emotional regulation to interpersonal effectiveness, you will become knowledgable around the foundational background of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, DBT for short. Something that UCSD practices in both their teen and adult programs. I was a past alumna, and so grateful to have been in their care during my senior year of college.

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What You’ll Learn from Emily Dailey

  • How emotional sensitivity is connected to eating disorders as well as borderline personality disorder
  • What is DBT and how it helps people recover from eating disorders
  • Specific skills that can help you manage and tolerate distress in crisis situations
  • The difference between unjustified and justified emotions
  • How to use mindfulness to participate more in your life and cultivate gratitude

 Favorite Quote

Trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty, enjoy the beauty of becoming, when nothing is certain, anything is possible. -anonymous

Favorite Recovery Resource

  • “I’m surrounded by so many smart people and researchers at UCSD like Dr. Walter Kaye; I love how both our clinical and research components at UCSD are always looking for ways to find better treatment.”

Advice to Former Self

It’s all gonna work out. It’s all gonna be okay.

Definition of Recovery according to Emily Dailey


For Your Journey

Connect with Emily Dailey @ UCSD

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  1. says: Lucy

    Brilliant new podcast!!! Thank you Jessica (and Emily). Really great to have you back after your break (well done for listening to your needs & allowing yourself that space & time to cope and fulfil your goals!).
    Is there anywhere i can obtain/download the DBT diary/ record sheets that you mention using in the podcast, please? Thank you
    Lu xxx

  2. says: Marcia

    Enjoyed the podcast! So happy this was forwarded to me by my former therapist. Can’t afford to pay for therapy anymore, but listening​ to podcast was a great pic-me-up! Thanks!

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