Eradication: a Poem on Allowing Yourself to Feel Pain Instead of Numbing It


There’s much fear and shame in admittance

Yet so much freedom as well

Because refusal to admit the truth

Condemns you to a personal hell

Left to run rampant in the mind,

these thoughts continue to fester and stew

Until eventually these monstrous thoughts

Eat their way through you

Day in and day out

With their ravenous jaws,

They allow you no breath of respite,

Down to the bones of your sanity and rationality they gnaw

And the more they chew,

The stronger the will is to keep them hidden

But only for so long can you keep them unseen by others,

For eventually it becomes visible how you’ve been bitten

To try to cover up with poorly crafted excuses

Only lets these monsters have a tighter rein

Their damage breeds obsession in your mind

Until you forget what it’s like to feel sane

These thoughts do their best to intimidate you,

But their bite is nothing compared to their bark

So long as you take the uncomfortable plunge

To eradicate the shadows that let them endure whilst in the dark

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