Out of the Darkness with Erin Willett

Erin Willett

Living with an eating disorder can feel like darkness. The isolation. The secrecy. The shame. All the dark emotions that surround the behaviors and thoughts can sometimes leave you wondering if you will ever see the light. Singer/songwriter Erin Willett from NBC’s The Voice and The Biggest Loser believes that we can all make it out of the darkness and has gone so far to write an inspiring song to encourage you to break through to the other side. In this interview, Erin shares what her journey to recovery has looked like, the up’s and downs, the twists and turns and how she is using all of them to pave her way to success.


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What You’ll Learn

  • What happens when you embrace “mess up’s” or “mistakes”
  • The epiphany Erin had that led to her hit song Out of the Darkness
  • Why you need to take responsibility for yourself and your recovery
  • How instant gratification can lead to impulsive decisions
  • What is the best form of validation


 Favorite Quote

It’s a losing game, I’ll only have myself to blame. If I don’t fight to win and overcome and realize that I’m the only one who can save me, and don’t let myself get in the way and how am I supposed to believe that I can ever make it out of the darkness. -Erin Willett from Out of the Darkness


Favorite Recovery Resource

  • Still trying to figure it out. Still trying to find the tools that are going to get her to the healthiest place mentally.


Advice to Former Self

In a weird way that this is all going to make sense. You just have to get through all of this struggle, and not be patient with it, but understand that there is purpose in it.


Definition of Recovery

What we have been through is not who we are and where we are going is all up to us.


For Your Journey


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