Finding Stillness: Subtle ways to remain centered, grounded, and connected

Recovery requires us to reconnect to our body, soul, and intuition. However,  this type of inner communication cannot occur when we are constantly moving, busy, distracted or running from ourself. On my recovery journey, I remember how difficult it was to be still. At that time, I was overly anxious and had a difficult time being with myself.  In fact, now even as a recovered person this is still my main practice! In the yoga classes I teach I often share how when I first started my practice,  I would leave class before the last pose savasana because I just couldn’t tolerate the stillness. 
Over time I have come to appreciate the power of the more subtle, quieter ways to tap into our Divine nature and ultimately to heal ourselves. Sitting with a mudra or hand gesture and breathing into an intention can change our mood BIG TIME!! I still may sometimes feel resistant to slowing down, but the wise part of me knows that finding time to “be” is the ultimate medicine. All I have to do is show up and breathe and to allow space for whatever needs to unfold. To give myself permission. Because everything that shows up on the yoga mat shows up in our life, using the breath to find space in stillness even amidst discomfort is a powerful tool for recovery as well as for difficult situations in life.

Below are some practices designed for you to explore some quieter ways to feel more grounded. Enjoy!

  1. Mudra Bumisparsha:  “Earth is my Witness”. This gesture represents the moment of the Buddha’s awakening as he claims the earth as the witness of his enlightenment. Take 10 deep breaths feeling your left hand connect to the earth and then switch sides.
  1. Mantra: Lam. This is the bija, or seed sound for the 1st chakra, the energy center that runs from the soles of the feet to the pelvis and governs survival, safety, and our basic needs. Chanting and repeating the syllable “Lam” activates this energy center, helping us to feel grounded and safe.
  1. Restorative poses: Restorative Child’s Pose
  1. Essential Oils: Try clary sage, sandalwood, vanilla, clove or geranium. Essential oils are not only healing but also help bring us back to our senses. Integrating essential oils in a daily routine A beautiful self-care practice

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Pictures yoga poses: © 2015 Anastasia Nevin

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