Finding Your Vision

Podcast Episode 27 Finding Your Vision with Recovery Warriors
If you have a vision and a goal that you want to achieve with all your heart, it becomes much easier to overcome fear, self-doubt and procrastination and reach that goal. A vision board is a simple and powerful tool to help clarify your vision and maintain focus on the goals you want to achieve. The idea behind it is that visualizing your goal with positive images, text, colors and everything else that inspires your vision will bring positive results. This is referred to as The Law of Attraction, that uses the power of the mind to attract whatever it is that you desire. Oprah is one of the most famous people who believes in its power. This doesn’t mean that simply creating one is going to magically make your dream come true, but it gives clarity and guidance and help you stay focused on your goal. In this show we share our tips and tricks on how to use and create a vision board. 

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