Here’s The Pep Talk You Need to Choose Life

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Choosing to live is not as simple as choosing not to kill yourself. I have spent a long time working out what being alive means to me. I have found that it means to gracefully embrace all experiences and continuously strive towards growth. It means to fearlessly conquer challenges. Celebrating the good, the gold, the light of life. Yet again, it means to allow yourself to feel fear, sadness and pain if those emotions flow through you.

It means to wake up each day, greeting the world. Living means to realize that in fact, the only thing that matters is the simple truth that we are still here and still breathing. We are free spirits, carrying infinite potential in our souls.

The continuous choice to live changes our lives and opens the way towards all our dreams.

Life isn’t perfect

Yet again sometimes we don’t see this. While I used to blame myself for making the same mistakes over and over again, I now realize that those mistakes are what makes me so vulnerable and deeply human. There is nothing right or wrong in life. Life just flows. And in every dark hour, we can find a new grain of light.

Once, I read a quote that went something like this:

The universe is a patient teacher.

The universe shows us what we do wrong (over and over again) until we understand. Until we understand it on such a deep level that we actually change our actions, thoughts, habits and beliefs.

Shift your perspective

I believe that when we shift our perspective on the world, we are creating a new world.

We are creating new emotional currents out of nothing. We’re creating new experiences. And the magic of this experience – the experience of the brand new – is the most fascinating thing in the world. This is what truly being alive feels like: we merely float within consciousness, pure, whole and free.

The truth is:

There are no limitations; all the limitations are man-made, made by a society who does not want us to be extraordinary. A society that is based on ignorance and fear. We love comfort, oh, heck yes, we do. But we have heard a trillion times already that the comfort zone is not where life is happening.

So, what does living life mean?

Everybody will answer this a little differently, and this’s okay. Nothing is constant, and there is no such thing as one right answer – ever. Even YOU will answer this a little differently at different moments in your life.

To me, right now, life means exploring, creating, finding new things, embracing new experiences and feeling new feelings. It means meeting new people, finding new ways, and finding a deeper connection to myself each day.

Life means creating, yes. But it also means watching things fall apart, picking yourself up and having the courage to recreate new wonders out of the shatters that are left behind.

Life in motion

Life means birth, death and rebirth. It is never perfect, always changing, always moving, always floating on towards the next new thing.
If we truly pursue perfection, we waste our whole lives – we chase the perfection until we are dead because perfection does not exist. Who determines perfect? Who determines anything at all?

I used to believe that only when we are dead, we stop searching. Only when we are dead, everything becomes purely and truly peaceful.

Yet, in the time that has passed until I first jotted down these lines, my perspective has changed a little bit. I have found a deeper understanding of the way life moves. I have found a magical treasure: Peace.


In this very moment, I can find peace. I feel the Peace, and I pray for it everyday. I give my all to dive into it every single day.

And where does it come from? It comes from deep down inside of me. It comes from surrendering to what is, in every moment. Unconditionally.

When I surrender to life, and more so, when I surrender to being alive – I find that all my questions are already answered. Because, paradoxically, the answer in itself does not exist. It is not what matters. The only one truth that I found is the following:

In this very moment, the entire universe resides within me.

I was made by love, I was made by the stars crashing, and I carry the waters of the rivers and the oceans inside of me.

And so are you.

There is a reason why you were put on this earth:

With your eyes and your limbs and your skin, with all your fears and every silliest little desire in your heart. There is a reason why you keep waking up day after day, to this mess that you might be experiencing.

There is a reason why you are still inside your body.

Your lovely body, who is able to magically transform the light and energy of the plants you are consuming into new energy, which allows you to live.

You might not see it yet: The whole universe assists you in Being, Breathing, Moving, Feeling. Just surrender to it.

For now, and ever – you don’t need to do anything but be.

Dare to let go. Trust that everything you need to know will come out of the growing stillness and the peace inside of you.

In the beginning, the storms might grow wilder, the rivers stronger, the clouds heavier upon your head. But know this: you are not alone. You hold the power inside of you to change your life and the universe.

Each of us is meant to create change. Yes, the world can hurt sometimes. But we always hold the power within ourselves to change it. To shift it, to shatter it, to rearrange it. Or, to paint an entirely new picture that makes us happy.

This is because we, as humans, have the right to be happy. 100% of the time.

And it does not matter what you need to be happy – if you believe in it, you will find it. It will come to you.

No matter if it is a silly little thing, or something serious. Something tiny, or something huge. Believe in it, find it. And see: It is already within you.

It has always been there.

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