Heroin Calling: A Poem

heroin calling - image of female with long yellowish brown hair covering her chest, red circles on cheek, eyes looking upwards, with green background

Heroin Calling

I‘m glad you finally answered the calling

all I needed was one brief call
with you I know would be fast friends
you may have heard bad things, but it all depends

I know you’ve been feeling lousy
girl problems, car won’t start, late for work
I promise you I’m no jerk

I can make things better

So this is my open letter
How about a night out with me
Show you things that’ll make you feel free

You’ll sit and zone out for hours
Dreaming about better days and budded flowers

I promise you I can make things better

So finish reading my open letter

Being sensitive isn’t what its cracked up to be
You can sit and zone out numb with me

But it’s not boring
The comfort you’ll with me
Will have you smiling at your marble flooring

It’ll have you thinking none of it really mattered
When life just wanted you bruised and battered

You might consider me something like euphoria
Gliding weightless on Lake Victoria

Only one catch
You’ll owe me your life
So this is the end of my open letter
Everyone thinks you being dead
Will make things better

Image: @helenaperezgarcia

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  1. says: Jillian

    I really respect your writing this. I am a little confused by who is talking to whom. Can you clarify?

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