How Tapping on Yourself Can Change Your Life

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I know this tapping thing may sound crazy. If you haven’t heard of EFT (emotional freedom techniques), let me try and explain. When I was first introduced to it, I thought the woman was totally crazy because it sounds so weird and unlikely.

Believe me, EFT is so powerful, yet so simple.

It works well in one-to-one sessions but it’s a great self help tool too. You can use EFT techniques whenever you need to feel calmer and relaxed.

For example, imagine you’re not that fond of public speaking. I then ask you to deliver a speech in front of 100 people. Chances are you’d feel a bit sick and your heart would start racing. You may have a dry throat or sweaty hands. The emotion you would feel is anxiety. We feel all our emotions in our body. Have you ever noticed that? The washing machine in your tummy, the tight chest like you can’t breathe, the block in your throat, the cloud in your head?

What is EFT/Tapping?

We call this physical response to anxiety ‘negative energy’. EFT aims to release it by tapping on meridian energy points, which are mainly on the face and hands. Meridian energy points are similar to acupuncture points, but we don’t use needles, we just tap.

You start by focusing on the issue you want to work on. This could be an event from the past, present or future. Examples are an argument, the anxiety you’re feeling today, or worry about a future event. You think about this instance and consider how you feel about it RIGHT NOW. What emotion do you feel? What do you feel in your body and where? Note the level of intensity you feel between 0-10 (0= nothing, 10= maximum feeling).

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How do you do it?

You then use this information to create a set up statement. Tap on your karate chop point (see below) and say something like, “Even though I feel scared, my stomach is churning around and around, I feel sick and it’s a level 9, I completely love and accept myself”. You say this 3 times. Simply construct an original set up statement based on your own needs.

Tap on the other points in the sequence (see image) while focusing on this fear (or whatever you feel) and just describing to yourself how it feels, what the fear is about and what is your ultimate fear is. Imagine you are telling a friend exactly what’s going on for you. Shout, swear and scream if you need to and if it seems appropriate. Just get that energy out.

Try this:

Tap through the sequence a few times:

Karate Chop
Top of Head
Start of Eyebrow
Side of Eye
Under Eye
Under Nose
Collar Bone
Under Arm
Side of Thumb
Side of Index Finger
Side of Middle Finger
Side of Ring Finger
Side of Little Finger
Karate Chop

Take a deep breath and then see how you feel. Has that fear come down? What’s the intensity level now?

Add in positive statements

Once the level come down to around a 4, you can add some positive statements in there. Phrases like,

“”I choose to let go of this now”

“I’m safe”

“I am in control now”

“I’ve now got this tapping tool to help me”

“I want to be happy

“What would life be life for me if I could let this go?”

“Things aren’t going to change if I don’t let this go”

I want to let go

“It feels safe to let go”

I don’t deserve to be hurt”

I’m a good person

“I choose to feel calm, relaxed and at peace with myself”.

Keep tapping until the level of intensity ideally reaches 0. As you’re tapping, notice any objections that enter your head. These blocks will also need to be addressed.

Practice makes perfect

Like everything,  EFT takes practice to be really good at it. Just keep persevering and you’ll soon notice a difference.

As I mentioned, you can use the tapping techniques on your current symptoms, but the real transformation comes when you work on getting rid of those negative beliefs that you’re carrying around with you. Get rid of the things that rule and limit your life.

Give tapping a try right now and for the next few days. Tap first thing in the morning regarding any concerns you have about the upcoming day. At night, let go of anything negative that has happened while tapping to help you sleep better. In fact, whenever something comes up during the day, try tapping.

Let me know how it goes by commenting below. Good luck,warriors!

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  1. says: Mark J

    Great article!
    EFT worked for me.
    I had a frozen shoulder that conventional physio had no effect on.
    I tried EFT even though I did not believe it could help…… and hey presto my condition improved by over 50%.
    Subsequent tapping sessions reduced my symptoms. After about 3 months I was fully recovered.
    Give it a try! For physical or emotional issues.

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