Don’t Know How To Create A Morning Routine? We Can Help.

Recovery is a challenging journey. It can sometimes feel like a full-time job on top of everything else that’s going on, no doubt!

But even though you struggle, fight and cry, eventually you pick yourself up and keep going. Because even the worst day in recovery is much better than a day fully immersed in the eating disorder (that is not the real you!).

Recovery isn’t just that 50 minute counseling session or support group. Recovery is a daily rollercoaster, a struggle that is with you 24/7.

But our mind plays a HUGE role in recovery. Having a clear, calm mind will shift your focus onto what matters and will help curb anxiety and stress levels.

Creating a morning ritual played a key part in my own recovery and is helping many of my coaches to face their demons daily with compassion and positivity. Make your words and actions powerful to show ED that you can do it.

Even if you are not yet at the place of unconditional self-love, your own morning ritual will help create the precious ‘me’ time and help move towards acceptance. Here are some morning routine essentials.

Technology detox

First and foremost, observe your relationship with technology. Do you check work emails or Facebook while you’re still in bed? Research shows that immersing into our working lives and social media before our mind is truly ready sets ourselves up for a day filled with anxiety and distress.

Make a promise to only switch your phone on once your morning ritual is complete.


Have a sit in silent, quiet space with just yourself. It might be uncomfortable the first couple of times or you may think “I don’t know how to meditate” or “I’m doing it wrong”. But do it anyway!

In reality, there is no such thing as a “bad” or  “wrong” meditation. There are plenty of apps, videos and books that can teach you how. Think of it as time for just yourself, without any distractions. one simple way to start is by focusing on your breathing.

Dry skin brushing

This is a great tool to use for making your skin softer, giving your body some attention and invigorating the skin. Start brushing with the legs and move from the limbs towards the heart.

You’ll feel the increased blood flow as it gives the body a much-needed energy boost.

Oil massage

This soothing Ayurvedic technique is perfect after dry-skin brushing. It really gives the body the love it is asking for in the morning.

Take time and give yourself a compassionate massage with coconut or sesame oil starting from legs, moving towards the heart. Focus more on the abdomen, as in many ancient systems (Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurveda, etc) many emotions and the core of self- confidence is said to be related to the internal organs.


Struggle with an eating disorder often creates a disconnection from the body. Try gently stretching for just 10 minutes and notice how your body feels. Act with an attitude of compassion. Truly listen how your body feels and give your body time to wake up.

Gratitude list

Before you set your daily goals, write down 5 things that you are grateful for. Shifting your focus from ‘lack’ to ‘attitude of gratitude’ helps you get through even the toughest days.

Even if its’s hard to think of anything, focus on even the tiniest details like a cup of tea that colleague made you yesterday or the sunshine outside- there is plenty to be grateful for.

Hope some of these ideas can help you create your perfect morning routine. Have more tips for a great AM ritual? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. says: Waterlelie86

    I loved the podcast on STAR: screen time after routine. That really helped me develop a routine in the morning. That is a good addition to this article with great tips!

  2. says: Anna

    Great article.
    I would add: try splashing face with pure cold water and drying gently; or taking a quick cold shower rinse. This cools down the skin’s surface and stimulates the blood stream to move faster, a combination which gives a wake-up boost and rejuvenates the body out of lingering slumber. I always feel fresher after I do this in the morning.

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