How to Cultivate Joy This Summer?

cultivate joy this summer

This summer let’s connect and cultivate joy! This starts with the question of what brings you joy? This can be a foreign and triggering word when someone is in the depths of mental health struggles. I often ask this in my sessions and am met with silence. I typically ask what frustrates someone first, as somehow we all are able to connect this. Sometimes that list tends to be a lot longer. Another way to reflect on the question is by observing what uplifts you and puts a smile on your face perhaps it’s a baby’s smile, puppies, or the smell of the ocean. Make a list! Don’t think too hard about it.


How did you play as a child? What did your younger version of yourself enjoy doing? This can be difficult depending on someone’s personal upbringing and childhood. I was forced to confront my childhood when I had to complete my hours with children. If you are seeking to be a licensed mental health professional there are certain hours one must obtain with each population. I dreaded gaining my children hours that I actually did them first to get it out the way. Honestly, the first time I worked with children I got pink eye and caught the worst cold, it was dreadful. After my pink eye and cold disappeared, I was able to connect to the play. I learned a lot about myself during that time and was forced to get dirty and sit on the floor.


We all were able to imagine and dream as children. If you watch children play you see how big and brave they dream. The imagination is so powerful and we forget it as adults. When we are able to imagine, we can create and manifest much faster as well as clearer. Our thoughts and beliefs can be barriers and blocks to our imagination. It can be helpful to really work on limiting beliefs and thoughts.

When one is able to navigate the thoughts we can easily connect to our imagination.


Creation can be defined and different for each person. We are all creators whether it be a career, lesson, business, family, or child. When we create from a place of joy we truly make the best decisions for ourselves. When it’s based on fear, decisions are more difficult to navigate. In order to better cultivate joy, imagination and play can get us there quicker!

This summer, my hope is for everyone to find and cultivate joy!

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