How to Live a Life of Victory

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If we are to live a life of victory, then we must meditate on it.  According to the Vines Greek Dictionary, to meditate means to practice. (1) When we practice something, we run it over and over again in our minds, or we speak it aloud until it becomes ingrained in us. The purpose of practice is to sharpen our skills so that we can perform better in one area or another. Now what would happen if we woke up every day and decided that we were going to meditate, or practice on living a victorious life? It wouldn’t be very long before old habits that have held us back would break free, and positive changes would emerge, setting the course for a successful path.
How do we meditate on living a victorious life? Here are four key elements I believe are essential for triumph.

Pay attention to what you are paying attention to

Everything begins when we become consciously aware of what is already in our thought life. If you could peel back the layers and peek inside, what would you see? Good thoughts, bad thoughts, things that are keeping you from being your very best? The truth is that we are all human and have thoughts that keep us from living at an excellent level all of the time, so daily self-examination is critical to living a life filled with victory.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

Once you know what you are thinking, then you can begin to do some mental dusting. Think of it like Spring cleaning for your mind. Positive self-talk and replacement is one of the most transformative things you can do to ensure that you live a life of victory. Why? Because what you focus on, you become. Even if you feel that you have no hope, thinking things like, “I am healed,” or “I am healthy and whole,” day after day will one day begin to manifest in your body. What you think, you speak, and what you speak, you do. How many times do you think negatively? Catch yourself, then, stop and replace those thoughts with positive ones.

Surround yourself with things that reflect the kind of life you want to live

Create a calm quiet space that you can let go and relax in. My office doubles as my meditative area when I need to reflect. I light a candle and allow my mind to focus on the things that I want to bring into my life. The same principle goes for my personal space outside. I filter out people, places and things that do not line up with my goals for living a victorious life.

Never give up

Remember that just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, we are a constant work in progress. Don’t expect to try one time, or twenty times, and suddenly change. Victory requires practice, and practice requires persistence. Persistence requires patience. If we are ever to live the kind of lives that are truly victorious, we have to earn our stripes. Meditate on this, “I am never going to give up, no matter what it takes.”

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