How to Master the Art of Playing Hard to Get


Does he like me? Why hasn’t he called? Should I call him? Did I say something stupid? Dating can lead to a lot of anxiety. It’s hard not to think far out into the future and wonder how it will end. Happily ever after…or depressed and rejected. In this show, Miriam and I have a casual conversation around dating. We discuss a strategy that has the potential to weed out the guys that are “just not that into you” and reduce some of the obsessive tendencies that come attached to stepping outside of your comfort zone.

It’s hard to play hard to get when you want to be got!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why dating can be triggering in eating disorder recovery.
  • Common fears that hold you back from opening up in intimate relationships.
  • When to share your eating disorder history with someone you are dating.
  • Ten rules to follow if you want to play hard to get.

You are a creature unlike any other.


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